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In 2017 the cryptocurrency market saw a massive influx of optimism and popularity. After a market cap increase of over $600 billion, it was no surprise that the cryptocurrency market saw massive media coverage from financial channels, news articles, and stories of instant wealth. Apart from stories of wealth potential, cryptocurrencies gained popularity because they carried the potential for a new era, an era of true transparency and decentralization. The rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations. One such firm at the forefront of blockchain innovation DOCTOR SMART

Doctor Smart is a blockchain platform for online, real-time health and wellness advice. Doctor Smart is an ecosystem that empowers people to manage their healthcare wherever they are in the world, anytime. Our ecosystem, based on Blockchain technology, helps ensure that interactions among all participants are transparent and simple. Our platform facilitates mutual financial agreements and opens access to medical records and experts' certification status.

Dr. Smart is creating a global blockchain ecosystem that offers affordable health care for everyone. This ecosystem provides the integration of existing infrastructures, including hospitals and health care clinics, while also connecting caregivers and customers around the world.

Doctor Smart is an advanced social insurance platform, whose telehealth, telemedicine and AI arrays installed are intended to convey world-class catering conferences to patients anywhere. The Doctor Smart biological system will also use blockchain innovation, smart contracts to coordinate new inventive advances based on the conventional framework of human services, such as disconnected therapeutic offices and insurance agencies. Specialist Shrewd will encourage the administration of high-caliber, moderate, and end-to-end human services around the world. Doctor Smart will use AI responses for a better interface and will allow the care providers and patients around the world.

The Doctor Smart can provide clear and consequently executable protection approaches to its clients, in the light of intelligent contracts. This organization includes the investment of the three meetings: patients, therapeutic centers and insurance agencies. This organization also limits the impact of the factor that has the greatest potential for mismanagement, the human factor, which was previously unattainable.


"Doctor Smart will bring exciting new technologies such as AI, telemedicine and block-chain to healthcare and healthcare management. This will strengthen healthcare systems to provide customers with high cost efficiency, affordability and service quality. We believe that these developments will increase the quality of life and longevity in the world ".


24/7 access to instant medical advice

Facilitates either video or voice calls with a specialist

Users have to wait no longer than a minute to get answers

All specialists are highly qualified


Doctor Smart is building a comprehensive agreement of social security administrations that will train clients from numerous nations to meet and manage in different health and restorative life-styles in single-window mode disconnected and on the web. Specialist Smart will offer a variety of arrangements in the telemedicine circle, incorporating on the web video conferences with specialists, in addition to other human service authorities, combination with portable medical devices, an emotional support network for restorative options, a classification framework based on in blockchain to evaluate the medicinal authorities, the medicinal arrangements of AI, and the combination with several biological systems, in addition, the databases that store restorative data. Due to the sophisticated ecosystem, each user gets an opportunity to learn about his or her health condition at this stage. In addition, the time of day and geographic location will not be significant. Such technological revolution has become possible due to the use of the blockchain technology that has already proven its competence. Now, the cooperation between a patient and a specialist will be transparent, predictable and open, which will make the project widespread.

DOCTOR SMART Platform provide solutions for;

Bring clients from new territories, decrease the cost of expanding the customer base.

Total control and access to restorative records, confirmation of any drug endorsed for consistency and similarity.

Smart doctor will avail puerile qualified professionals find a job, take advantage of medical professionals to obtain supplementary income. These include gym instructors, nutritionists and veterinarians and much more, between different countries, he will provide the opportunity to work without compensation.

Improving the personal satisfaction of people living in various places, creating conditions for an excellent administration of medicines to patients in remote areas, making new jobs and occupations.

Insurance company
Improving the personal satisfaction of people living in various places, creating conditions for an excellent administration of medicines to patients in remote areas, making new jobs and occupations.


Doctor Smart provides all necessary consultations: Healthcare, Nutrition care, Psychological health, Sporting activities, General lifestyle, Prevention of illness and disease.

Doctor Smart allows you to:

Quickly consult a health care specialist or a wellness expert

Access your health information, including records of your virtual visits, our specialists' advice and prescriptions, and personal data from fitness apps and wearable devices

Stay in touch with health care professionals from anywhere in the world at reasonable prices

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For Consumers

Speed of receiving a professional consultation

Lower prices for consultations

Geographical availability on a global scale

Wide range of healthcare professionals

Unique technology platform for high quality of services, provision of automated services with personal recommendations and making it possible to create insurance policies based on smart contracts with clear and transparent terms.

For Doctors

Higher income for doctors within the ecosystem

Flexible schedule, and the opportunity for greater control over it

Ability to conduct consultations from any appropriate place around the world

Support system for medical decisions, which will provide them with support throughout every stage of the consultation-diagnosis-recommendation-reformulation process, thereby minimizing the risk of medical errors.

For Offline Partners: Clinics, Wellness Centers and Laboratories

Flow of clients to accelerate their business development

Opportunity to cut employees’ unproductive time

Opportunity to expand expertise

Automated payments

Opportunity to get access to the experience and knowledge of colleagues from many countries, as well as professional AI based products that will improve the speed of many different procedures.

For Insurance Companies

Simple and transparent form of financial settlements with medical facilities

Opportunity to generate smart contracts independently and to place them on the Doctor Smart marketplace

Access to a big amount of impersonalized data to adjust offer

Provision of necessary marketing tools for insurance policy sales that are based on smart contracts, legal support for a long term and mutually beneficial partnership and technical support for a more thorough understanding of best ways to exploit new approaches to insurance policies.

For Developers of AI-based Products

Opportunity to launch inventions to a ready audience, and to find clients in the medical business environment

Opportunity to enter the global market without significant financial costs

Opportunity to develop brand in a professional environment


24/7 access to instant medical advice

Facilitates either video or voice calls with a specialist

Users have to wait no longer than a minute to get answers

All specialists are highly qualified


Token: Doctor Smart Time Token (DSTT)

Public Presale: August 7 — September 7

Public token sale: September 7 — November 7

Token price: 4000 DSTT = 1 ETH
Hardcap: $15m

Softcap: $3m

Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 4000 DSTT

Purchase restrictions: 0.1 ETH minimum

Payment accepted: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC

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Token Distribution

50% Reserve
30% Token Sale
11% Team
5% Advisors
4% Bounty & Referral

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