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What will be available to users in the Neluns ecosystem:
the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency are just a few clicks away.
the leadership of cryptocurrency transactions started on the exchange.
depositing and also withdrawing funds through the system is quite a few clicks through all sides of
IBAN account opening - personal account as well as multicurrency office
the discharge of Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards
direct shipping as well as international money transfer receipts
storage of assets to Neluns deposits in fiat currency and cryptocurrency
Neluns loan receipts to fiat and also cryptocurrency
profit receipts, through the lending of assets from the Peer-to-Peer Loan Platform (P2P)
ensuring in every trading transaction
Take your profits through NLS token trading transactions on the cryptocurrency exchange
dividend receipts
Active traders can develop profits and also reduce risk levels
After opening a multi-currency account, users of Neluns will be able to conduct operations in USD, EUR, GBR, as well as in cryptocurrencies. A Bank card will be attached to the multi-currency account.

Payments, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, as well as withdrawals from any ATM in the world will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For active cryptocurrency trading users The broad spectrum of banking products.
From the birth of Neluns, the possibility of trading users cryptocurrency can grow significantly. One of them can find the optimal solution among a wide spectrum of banking products. for example, long-term investors can extract bonus profits to account where deposits, traders and crypto funds can develop its ability is due to access to the lending tool. The Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Platform access has been opened to a cryptocurrency loan to every individual. The escrow system will increase ICO investment at the security level, the result is a growing investor confidence, therefore, volume funds are drawn.

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Cryptocurrency exchange Neluns has innovative technologies that make it easy to withdraw funds even at peak loads. Exchange also has a high level of protection against cyberattacks and creates the best conditions for cryptocurrency traders and funds.

The Neluns Bank will adhere to all the requirements of financial regulation that license and control the activities of banks.

The Neluns exchange and insurance company will also be registered in accordance with all regulatory requirements. Exchange Neluns will have license CFTC (U. S Commodity Futures Trading Commission) and SEC (U. S Securities and Exchange Commission).

Bank Guarantee
Exchange Neluns use the principle of "Bank Guarantee" for smart contracts that govern the execution of transactions. In addition to pre-determined contracts, custom user customization can adjust coverage to include various events and conditions, change the scope to include some or all transactions. Business logic is implemented using top notch technology to ensure additional security, rapid withdrawal of funds and load balancing to meet high service demand. The team believes that Nelun's financial ecosystem must create the best conditions in the class for both cryptocurrency traders and their funds.

The road map contains a list of iOS and Android applications that will be implemented for running operations using mobile devices. It also contains the launch of around 24 × 7 technical support services to ensure all user requests are properly recorded, reviewed and completed in line with the SLA (Service Level Agreement).

The concept of a multicurrency account allows users to execute transactions in either traditional currencies (such as dollars or euros) or cryptocurrency. You can link the bank card to a multicurrency account.

The product line consists of related software product bank cards. The following products are available for retail and corporate clients: Lite, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
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Neluns ICO stages (rounds)


Hard Cap - $ 2,000,000
Soft Cap - $ 500,000
1 stage (round), pre-sale, stage (round) 14 days long, from 08-01-2018 to 08-15-2018.
30% bonus
40% extra-bonus investment more than 1 ETH in one transaction
50% extra bonus investment of more than 10 ETH in one transaction

Hard Cap - $ 10,000,000
Soft Cap - $ 2,000,000
2 stages (round), pre-ICO, stage (round) 21 days long, from 08-15-2018 to 09-05-2018.
20% bonus
30% extra bonus investment of more than 1 ETH in one transaction
30% extra bonus investment of more than 10 ETH in one transaction


Hard Cap - $ 112,000,000
Soft Cap - $ 10,000,000
3 stages (round), ICO, stage (round) 31 days long, from 09-05-2018 to 10-05-2018
10% bonus
20% extra bonus investment of more than 1 ETH in one transaction
25% extra investment bonus of more than 10 ETH in one transaction

Why is it profitable to acquire NLS tokens?

Token holders will receive additional bonuses and discounts when using the platform.
50% of the Neluns ecosystem profits are distributed quarterly to token holders based on the quantity of tokens they hold.

The price of NLS tokens will grow alongside the growth of the Neluns ecosystem capitalization, which will allow token holders to receive additional profits.

The price of one NLS token will reach $1,200 by 2021. In April 2020, the Neluns Blockchain Ecosystem plans to hold an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.

NLS token distributions

During the ICO, 200 000 000 NLS tokens will be released
Base price of 1 NLS token = 1 USD
Token name : NLS
Platform : Ethereum
Standard : ERC-20
Token amount : 200 000 000 NLS
Hard Cap : 112 000 000 USD
Base price of one token : 1 USD
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