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KVANTOR is a decentralized gateway or platform that provides financial links with business partners, by opening new payment channels and eliminating intermediaries and the KVANTOR Platform aims to upgrade the agreement to a new level and provide freedom of relationships between economic entities, beyond traditional payment channels and eliminate intermediaries.

Kvantor is a financial platform that uses the blockchain technology to create a decentralized environment in which economic entities can make transactions. This platform is aimed especially at banks, raw material manufacturers and traders.

The KVANTOR platform raises your deals to a new level and provides freedom of relations between economic entities, going beyond traditional payment channels and eliminating intermediaries. Clients of the KVANTOR platform are banks, raw material manufacturers and traders.

The platform offers features like mutual settlements without having a SWIFT number and too much outside control and an enhancement of banking systems based on the blockchain technology provided by the company.


Kvantor aims to bring about true economic freedom to the global market, enabling users to leverage cutting-edge technologies for all settlement, reduce transaction speed of exchange from days to mere minutes at competitive and attractive rates. Using Kvantor , currency and commodity service providers are now able to provide their clients with a state-of-the-art service delivery through a transparent, secure, and tamper-proof technology. No longer do users have to worry about entry barriers to banking services due to geographical location, politics, or financial status. All they now need is an internet-capable device to enjoying banking services on-the-go anytime, anywhere.

The KVANTOR project is to provide real freedom to global market economic agents or to be a new level of freedom for future economic transactions. The objectives include:

  • To use sophisticated residential technology;
  • To make quick transactions for competitive and acceptable prices that are not controlled by cartels and companies;
  • To reduce costs for the clerks, lawyers, «contract management specialists» and release many unnecessary documents;
  • To transfer capital simultaneously (in many cases, automatically) to those development points, which provide the greatest advantage with minimal risk.

This platform will allow for reduced delivery time to minutes, transaction expenses and error risk - almost to zero, and the volume of required documents - down to the barest possible.

By using KVANTOR, currency and commodity exchange will be able to provide services to their clients based on future technology, and banks will become not only financial institutions but full business partners. We create instruments for the establishment of an equivalent eco-system ecosystem (from physical entities to transnational corporations) that have no entry barrier, provide participants with a win-win work model and erase economic and political limits but do have the highest level of data protection.

This platform is designed to provide full confidentiality of transactions (only parties involved in transactions are allowed access to information), as well as quick and secure settlement without SWIFT.

The project was developed by a team of professionals, based on their own experience and the international experience of the specialists. Our task is to create products that enable both individual companies and all countries to free themselves from their dependence on existing external external economic and financial controls, but not in violation of local laws or laws of the partner's country of residence.

The platform is implemented as SaaS and as a "box" solution. The SaaS format allows system participants to interact freely, make payments almost instantaneously, and ensure the implementation of obligations through smart contracts. The box solution is represented as a stand-alone system with the ability to connect to a global platform via a convenient, broad API.


  • Mutual settlements without SWIFT and burdensome control
  • Enhancement of banking systems with an ability to operate financial instruments based on blockchain technology
  • Marketplace for commodity trading: Direct settlements (bypassing traditional channels), digital guarantees, factoring, other opportunities based on blockchain and smart contracts.


  1. Interbank transfers for foreign trade: Transfer of fiat currencies and digital instruments between the banks from different countries.
  2. Banking services: Money transfers, clearing, bank guarantees, factoring, etc.
  3. Exchange trading services (for Brokers, manufacturers and purchasers of goods): Agricultural exchange (meat, fish, corn), commodities and raw materials exchange (oil, coal, gold) and currency exchange (fiat currencies and digital instruments).

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Interbank transfer

Interbank transfers provide channels to banks to exchange messages about current transactions between participating banks.

  • All transaction data is stored in the KVANTOR blockchain, which provides the required transaction processing speed and protection against logical attacks directed at the network.
  • The message exchange mechanism of the program is based on the legally significant functionality of electronic document management, which relates to the legislation of countries in which KVANTOR ecosystem participants live.
  • The software mechanism is installed in the bank and interacts with the ABS bank via a special API. The message exchange process occurs on an encrypted channel.
  • All money transfers are implemented using a protocol that is compatible with the SWIFT system, which allows to minimize changes in the existing ABS.

Commodity Exchange

The exchange of commodities allows users to transact with raw materials, insure them, organize transportation, prepare all necessary documents, receive financial instruments (warranties, loans, etc.) and make instant payments with monetary instruments (fiat or digital) through convenient channels SWIFT).

  • Actual transaction and implementation controls are performed using smart contracts.
  • In addition to transactions with raw material suppliers, this platform enables simultaneous transactions with complementary service suppliers (transport and insurance).
  • Platform technology allows the realization of a number of units simultaneously in a single system (ruble, yuan, tenge, and others).
  • Features of the exchange are available for fiat currency procedures, online transaction protection using an eschrow account with the convenience of allowing the exchange interface.


Security is at the forefront of platform development and not just for funds, but for every interaction and exchange in the ecosystem.

Kvantor enhances the highest level of data protection including user identity, smart contract interactions, and exchange of transactions based on legislative considerations. Its transparent ecosystem is supported by an instrument of economic agents (from physical entities to transnational corporations) that have no barrier to entry, embodied in the original token.


  • Commodity trading market: direct installments through customary channels, computerized guarantees, figuring and different open doors in light of blockchain innovation and keen contracts.
  • Quick and secure settlement without SWIFT and implicating outer controls.
  • Managing an account framework with the capacity to work with the most present day financial instruments and cryptocurrency.
  • KVANTOR gives various alternatives for the exchange trading members expanding unwavering quality and straightforwardness
  • This platform is intended to give full secrecy of exchanges, fast and secure settlement without SWIFT.


For Companies

  • Direct settlements with contractors in national currencies (avoiding traditional channels and protocols of monetary circulation)
  • Convenient marketplace with automatic execution of transactions, complementary services (logistics, insurance), electronic arbitrage
  • Verification of the counterpart — the platform’s architecture allows to check counterpart’s status and reputation beforehand without any violation of information confidentiality, which is the high priority here
  • Usage of financial instruments (financial guarantees, factoring, etc.) and complementary services (insurance, etc.) based on new technologies — automatically executed smart contracts — for transaction security
  • Sufficient decrease of financial and time expenditures for execution of transactions
  • Trading of assets/liabilities in decentralized mode
  • Protection of confidential information from unauthorized regulators.

For Banks

  • Automatic clearing of mutual obligations
  • Independence from centralized payment systems (provision of alternative channel, which may be used for either all or specialized transactions/clients)
  • Engagement of new clients by means of provision of innovative banking services demanded by small, medium and large businesses
  • Protection of confidential information from unauthorized regulators.

For Government

  • Protection from control of economical operations exercised by IMF, NSA and other unfriendly institutions/regulators
  • Execution of all operations on the basis of consensus of the stakeholders
  • Increase in national monetary aggregates and decrease of actual operations in foreign currency, increase in the country’s financial stability
  • In prospect, creation of a governmental settlement platform and uniting on its basis of interested entities and political blocs.


KVANTOR digital tokens are licenses for non-exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activity (software) and earnings of such income on an exclusive terms. This opportunity is implemented through partner program mechanisms with the help of KVANTOR.KEY software (hereinafter referred to as K.KEY). KVARK digital token is a license to use the results of intellectual activity (software). Under the license agreement, the KVANTOR token holder may purchase / sell the KVARK token as the key required to use the software. Exclusive rights are reserved for Rightsholders (Licensors). Licensee receives usage rights within the scope set by the license agreement.

ICO Details

The initial value of the KVANTOR token token is 1/1,300 of the value of an ounce of gold on the day of the smart contract creation (tokens release) and is determined by the daily exchange rate in the London Interbank Market11 in USD, EUR, GBP with one decimal point. The rate of purchase in other currencies is determined by the cross rate of the currency exchange chosen before the beginning of ITO12 to GBP at the date of the token purchase. After completion of ITO, all transactions with KVANTOR tokens are frozen for 2 months.

Token Information

  • Token: KVT
  • Token Price: 1 USD
  • Tokens for sale: 80,000,000 KVT (80%)
  • Supply of Token: 100,000,000 KVT
  • Hard cap: 42,500,000 USD
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC, LTC, FIAT
  • Restricted country: United States

Token Distribution

  • 5% Partners of the project
  • 15% Founders, team, initial investor
  • 80% Beneficiaries of the KVANTOR project

Pre-ITO and ITO

Distribution of released tokens:

  • 15% - founders, team, initial beneficiary
  • 5% - partners of the project
  • 80% - beneficiaries of the KVANTOR project, including:
  1. 20% of released tokens are intended for sale in the 1st round of sales;
  2. 40% of released tokens are intended for sale in the 2nd round of sales;

The remaining 20% of issued tokens are reserved for subsequent sale (the possibility of exchange trading or selling to a strategic beneficiary will be considered).

Soft Cap - The Soft Cap is 3,000,000.00 GBP. Alongside with the ITO activities, the company is seeking to raise money from venture funds and individual investors.

Hard Cap - equivalent of 32 million GBP. According to our current business plan, this amount (taking into account the costs of system development, marketing, promotion, etc.) will allow the project to recoup the borrowed funds within the required period and start making profits.

1st round of sales

From 26.04.2018 to 25.05.2018 - 20% of KVANTOR tokens are sold. Within this phase, the tokens are sold under a private pre-order (Private Token Sale). Tokens can be purchased by sending an e-mail to

Based on the analysis of interest in the project by potential beneficiaries, the project team either continues the main sale in the Private Token Sale format or begins an open subscription to the tokens.

2nd round of sales

From 25.06.2018 to 24.07.2018 - 40% of KVANTOR tokens are sold.

3rd (additional) round of sales It is held not earlier than 3 months after the end of the 2nd round.


  • A 40% discount on the nominal value of the token is provided in the 1st round of sales.
  • A 20% discount on the nominal value of the token is provided in the 2nd round of sales.

Discounts are provided in case of high volume purchase:

  • 5,000 - 24,999 KVT (25% of token nominal value)
  • 25,000 - 49,999 KVT (27% of token nominal value)
  • 50,000 - 249,999 KVT (30% of token nominal value)
  • 250,000 - 499,999 KVT (35% of token nominal value)
  • 500,000 KVT (40% of token nominal value)

Discounts are not provided in the 3rd round of sales on a regular basis.

Minimal purchase package is 100 tokens.


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