The passed on trade structure is unmistakably better than the concentrated trades in light of its modernized nature, secure trades system, cut down clearing cost, straightforward receptiveness and higher capability. Despite these, there are relative impediments related with the spread system to the extent liquidity, planning pace and flexibility.

Due to these challenges, the decentralized system isn't as comprehensively used in cryptographic money trading as unified structures because of their organizing instrument. The present unified trade structures have more grounded central focuses in regards to giving extraordinary liquidity, higher planning rate, and versatility in spite of the way that they have characteristic imperfections in their present instrument or establishment.

As trades keeps up their customers' focal points, they open customers' assets for some irrelevant internal and external threats. The action of such sort of trades is inefficient and dangerous and since there is no genuine method to choose the trade objectivity, the imperfections may continue in the structure.

The DAEX platform brings solution to these challenges.


DAEX (Digital Assets Exchanges) is an open and distributed cryptocurrency clearing ecosystem. DAEX aims to provide clearing solutions for centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, based on distributed ledger technology and smart contracts. The project is developed and managed by the DAEX Foundation which is registered in Switzerland. Since its foundation, DAEX has established significant partnerships with institutes such as US Temple University, Qtum Foundation, Jenga Blockchain Capital, Sora Ventures, 8 Decimal Capital, 360 and etc. Moreover, they are currently in discussions with several exchanges including, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Huobi, and Bittrex.

Daex is providing a prevalent structure and system for the full change of the digital money trading world by seizing key parts of the standard securities industry and by making businesses of new open entryways got from the ascent and nearness of the appropriated record development. As a matter of fact, trading structure and clearing system will be confined into different substances.

The unified trades would give trading organization while the clearing work would be managed by a clearing organization which is arranged in perspective of the DAEX course of action.

Another genuine difference from the current incorporated clearing organization system is that the DAEX clearing organization relies upon the decentralized passed on record development. This advancement ensures that trades and trade are profitably managed, safely cleared, executed and settled. The passed on record advancement guarantees that vendor's points of interest are kept in their own stand-out records on the blockchain system. None can get to the dealers' advantages without their affirmed assents or learning. This profitably ensures all risks included are soothed. The DAEX undertaking would be a freely discharged clearing organization in perspective of the digital money blockchain. Its code would be open for general review, appraisal, and supervision.

DAEX provides an infrastructure for the cryptocurrency trading industry that integrates the benefits of both, centralized and distributed exchanges: strong liquidity, high-security level, transparency and relatively trustless environment. DAEX suggests seperating the clearing and the trading services into different entities. Currently, centralized exchanges will continue to provide trading services, but the clearing and the settlement services will be based on the DAEX solution. The solution is an open source public blockchain which guarantees that the trader’s assets are kept in their own account. Thus, DAEX users can enjoy the benefits provided by centralized exchanges without being exposed to risks arising from the use of such a centralized model.


Security: DAEX provides a secure trading infrastructure, where the user assets are all held on the public blockchain and cannot be moved without their permission.

Resource allocation: since each exchange has to do its own clearing work, the whole trading industry is not making good use of its resources. By using the clearing service, industry resources are used more effectively.

Transparency- operations and assets are transparent on the DAEX blockchain. The transparency provides more certainty and decreases the distrust between the users and the exchanges.

Exchanges: the separation of trading and clearing helps exchanges to focus more on their core competencies. Moreover, DAEX help to reduce the operational costs by selecting and listing new cryptocurrencies so that participating exchanges can trade.

DAEX Token (DAX):

DAEX tokens will be used to pay the clearing and the settlement fees in the DAEX ecosystem. Those fees can be paid solely using the DAEX tokens. Such a token economy ensures that DAEX tokens will play a central role in the clearing chain, as the driver of the ecosystem.

• Ticker: DAX

• Token type: ERC20

• ICO Token Price: 1 DAX = 0.0700 USD

• Fundraising Goal: 86,200,000 USD (127,187 ETH)

• Total Tokens: 2,000,000,000

• Available for Token Sale: 30%

• Know Your Customer (KYC): YES (SINCE 17 AUG, PASS )

• Accepts: ETH, BTC, NEO, QTUM

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