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Its service’s crux is that the DAICOVO contract, which will be based.
To be able to create a wholesome atmosphere for ICOs regulation is progressing, but that isn’t easy to reach for ICOs using regulation that is centralized.
We drop in job motivation and will solve fraud — the issues increased throughout DAICO’S method — by ICOs.
Of getting all ICOs usage DAICO, Together with the assignment, we’ll grow and open.
Additionally, for procuring ICO investments OVO tokens, that is technical will be issued by us.
Ethereum, that is worldwide and has a supply amount, is employed as the money for procurement, for utilizing OVO for engaging in jobs on the ICOVO platform, but we’ll offer benefits for ICO investors.
OVO is the planet’s only technical for ICO fund procurement. Its value increases the ICOs are undertaken to the ICOVO platform, therefore OVO will function as indicator and a symbol of the ICO environment’s health.
Along with creating a ICO surroundings because its heart with OVO and DAICOVO, ICOVO has as its mission to expand the selection of ICO investors along with the ICO market . Problems will be solved by ICOVO by eliminating obstacles that anybody can take part. They’ll be solved through supplying ICOVO Program (iOS/Android), which incorporates the planet’s only pocket optimized for ICOs, and ICOVO Internet, which will boost usability when engaging in ICOs through private computers.
Through the supply of its four solutions — OVO DAICOVO, ICOVO App, and ICOVO Internet — ICOVO will construct an ecosystem for dependable startups.
What are the Mission and Vision of ICOVO?

ICOs are in the crux of this ecosystem needed for hatching innovative blockchain-related startups.
ICOVO will encourage a ICO that will earn a future by providing DAICOVO, ICOVO Program and ICOVO Internet. Details are explained below in 3 factors.

  1. Boost Guard Investors and ICO Transparency
  2. Reduce Barriers for ICO Participation
  3. Boost Project Durability
  4. Boost ICO Transparency and Guard Investors

We plan to safeguard ICO investors by increasing the transparency of ICO job founders in addition to the jobs and introducing a fundraising management program themselves.

Decentralized Token Management
We’ll create an smart contract comprising the basic idea of management that is nominal of DAICO, DAICOVO.
We’ll present a system which only allows withdrawals in line with the funding requirement of a job’s pre-loaded schedule by means of a Harness system (setting a sum which may be pulled a unit of time). This will prevent programmers from running away with funds that are increased.
In the event an investor finds a issue they can retract.

Decentralized White Paper Versioning
Versioning to get White Paper to not be tampered is handled by InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

Team Member KYC/AML
ICO project team member’s transparency will be increased by us by offering ICO project team member’s KYC/AML ICOVO site that is on at a method.

Picture Task Situation
By measuring GitHub upgrades and media action on the web site of ICOVO, We’ll boost project transparency.

  1. Reduce Barriers for ICO Participation

Produce a greater investment environment and decrease obstacles by the arrangement for data disclosure and the investment procedure to ICO involvement.

Implementing Local Pocket
Implementing a secure wallet that is regional in ICOVO’s first smartphone program that is ICO-specialized, the ICOVO Program helps with comprehension the involvement procedure for tokens that are handling and nominal sales.

Unifying Formats
Summaries and job pages of all whitepapers on the site of ICOVO presents information concisely, which makes it more easy to comprehend for investors. Providing a list of the projects enhances Access.

Slimming labour for KYC
Remove the need for ICO investors to perform whenever to KYC they invest. KYC is performed by them just as ICOVO will share the data when they engage on the ICOVO Program.

  1. Boost Project Durability

Sustain project creators’ motivation for boost and product launch job durability by introducing a method in.

Fund acquisition≠Goal
By introducing a method of initial clever contracts implementing DAICOVO where funds can only be removed in accordance with a job’s pre-loaded program by Harness (set a sum which may be withdrawn each unit of time), motivation to complete the job creators.
How do you participate in ICOVO ICO?

Pre-sale starts on Sep 24th 2018! You get +40% bonus! Check it out at here!!
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Pre sale will start on September 24 at 00.00 (UTC).

“ We are proud to announce that we have launched a pre-sale of OVO tokens. The current token bonus is 40%. We accept ETH.”

Pre-sale schedule

START: 00:00 (UTC), Sep 24th, 2018
END: 23:59 (UTC), Oct 8th, 2018

Token Sale details:
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