Nortonchain is an enhanced technology in the blockchain revolution. Ledgers are distributed solely for the purpose of making free transactions and providing all users with a high level of security.

Nortonchain is assumed when several other platforms, such as the Bitcoin blockchain, can be built and transactions are executed and recognized every second.

However, transactions are run on Nortonchain and are automatically confirmed by peer partners without the need for minors. Nortonchain automatically confirms when it is created.

Nortonchain is built with integrated artificial intelligence to do the work of miners. Thus, all transactions are validated for each user account because AI can ensure that the child itself is attached to each newly created account.

In the relationship between AI parents, every AI child who is very similar to AI parents knows everything that is done, and this promotes an automatic confirmation process in the chain.

Thanks to this, everything about Nortonchain synergizes and guarantees maximum security. In addition, dummy transactions are carried out by the automation system to execute billions of transactions in a short time, ensuring greater security.

However, with the exception that all nodes can be assigned simultaneously, this is not possible because some nodes are created in each transaction and each node is supported by independent AI for information or activities for other nodes.

or edited, more like a process that cannot be changed. This ensures that even if the existing node is assembled, the others will not be damaged.

Norton Chain is an autonomous, decentralized exchange, where users don't have to worry about entering passwords and e-mails and don't have to worry about private keys. With AI Nortonchain, users can connect to faces that are recognized as credentials.

Norton Bot is another breakthrough to help users communicate directly with Nortonchain.

Each Norton Bot developer can make anything on the Norton chain by giving a bot only a small description (command) and details about what he determined almost completely for the developer.
This helps developers do their jobs and projects very quickly and more efficiently.

Norton Bot is more telegram-like, simple and easy to use, but stronger than expected.

Nortonchain has a prestigious coin called Norton Coin. Norton Coin is a payment chip used in many Norton platforms. This atom exchange can be used on many applications on other platforms outside Nortonchain.

NRT is integrated with the Bancor protocol to provide liquidity tokens to members.

The Nortonchain team is proud to announce the integration of the Bancor protocol to provide Norton chips with sustainable liquidity. We believe this is a breakthrough, and have worked hard to integrate, to be safe and secure, the huge revolutionary influence brought into the Nortonchain / Blockchain ecosystem industry.

Therefore, we must wait for the sale of tokens to start or complete before we submit applications for integration, because we expect large shares in our next chip sales.

"With our goal of providing all the tools needed to enable our users high security, zero costs and high-speed transactions, Nortonchain strives to build trust and respect with all our members to make their success possible , and we have found the way we do it. By providing users we have an easy way to exchange tokens through the Bancor network, "said Samuel Strong, Founder / CEO.

By integrating the Bancor protocol, Norton holders have access to sustainable liquidity, regardless of transaction volume, or can automatically switch to another directly from their door through the Bancor network, which combines all Bancor web3 tokens or wallets such as Metamask.

NRT allows token relays with 1-3% provision tokens within one week of sales of successful tokens.

About Nortonchain
Nortonchain is an enhanced technology in the blockchain revolution. A large book is distributed with the main goal of providing all users with high levels of security, free transactions and instant transactions.

Nortonchain is an autonomous and decentralized exchange that does not require users to worry about entering passwords and e-mails, and not need to worry about private keys. With AI Nortonchain, users can connect to faces that are recognized as credentials.

Norton Bot is another part of Nortonchain that allows users to communicate directly with Nortonchain and create new projects on Nortonchain. This is a communication engine for developers and social communities.

About Bancor
The Bancor Protocol is the standard for direct cryptocurrency production with internal convertibility through smart contracts.

Bancor uses the "Connector" innovative sign method to allow ongoing price and liquidity calculations for all integrated marks without two parties to be found on the exchange.

Smart Tokens are connected to a network of liquidity chips, allowing user-made cryptocurrency to grow.

To immediately convert tokens, visit the Bancor Web App or join the Bancor Telegram Group for more information.


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