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In today’s world social media plays crucial role in everyone lives by generating hundreds of billions of interactions each day, most of the social media channels are owned by companies which can gather the user information. One of major drawback of the social media are threatening, intimidating or abusive messages. There is no standard privacy system in the current social media world.

The next generation of social networking will not only live on smartphones more than any other device, but they will focus the renewed call for privacy and data control occurring on many of today’s social networks. Instead of centralized servers, data will live in decentralized systems to help ensure its safety from theft and corporate misuse.

Tomorrow’s social networks will provide a service that treats users like customers, instead of the existing model where users are the data-gathering mechanism that creates information sold to advertisers.

ONe is a new social network that uses the latest technologies to provide a wide range of services that are digitally secure and private for users. Combining the latest in Blockchain and Dapp technologies with built in privacy and security features. ONe gives customers the ability to control their data and privacy on a level never before seen. This platform allows users to communicate without risk or other threats so that users can communicate with others safely without worrying about their privacy.

ONe Social Network is the first social media platform built using blockchain technology, so users can communicate safely and hassle free. In addition to communicating, users can also access services such as markets, GPS, sharing images, etc., which can entertain users.

ONe network is aiming to provide privacy of social media on the blockchain platform, instead of centralized servers data will store in decentralized systems to ensure safety from threat and misuse of data.

It is a social network platform that serve as a meeting place for people, content creators, businesses, brands, and groups to meet and interact without risk of information loss or sharing. Its follows end to end encryption that covers all communications and interactions.

ONe Network is a tokenized, social media platform that will bring the privacy and control of a user's own content and data. Our platform will allow for the use of centralized entities. ONe is powered by the Onebit token (OBT) and being built on top of Blockchain Technology to secure freedom of expression for the Next Generation.


Our vision for ONe is a feature-rich platform designed to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world through video, voice, text, and other unique ways, without having an outside or unseen force lurking and gathering data from the input as well as user habits.


ONe network aims at becoming a premium social network designed to scale quickly through the promotion of user privacy and control of their information, rewarding content creators for their value and creating a marketplace for safe and private transactions.


  • Privacy

Privacy is the core functionality of ONe network, its goal is to provide best social experience by keeping privacy at first place. It allows users to restrict any information making what they want to visible for the public. It allows only approved advertisements that are agree to zero tolerance policy.

  • Opt-In Advertising

It is the easiest way for the advertisers and user to get the benefit, advertisers will pay users (who views their content) via Onebit Tokens. Users will get certain proportion of tokens depending on the engagement

  • Market place

It combines social media features with eCommerce functionality. Its market place allows public and private users to sell their goods and services with quality friends and users in the platform, it will track and process the user transactions

  • Public and Private Channels, Chats and GPS

Privacy is a core focus of ONe, so we’ve made sure to support that in our posting, chat and GPS functionality. Users will have a variety of options that fall into two distinct categories:

  1. Public: In this, user can view and post in the Public Feed/Channel and they participate in a public or private individual or group chat.

  2. Private: In this, user can enter the private channel/feed where only approved followers and friends can see their posts and communicate with the user, it allows only a select group of people or friends as well as content creators to view private discussions and content.

  • Self-Destruction of Posts

The ability to have posts remove themselves from the ONe service at a set point in time. Whether public or privately posted, these messages will last for a predetermined length and then initiate a self-destruction sequence to be removed from all interactions.

  • GPS: Locate Friends and Public Users Here

GPS is the top option because it will allow users to turn on the feature and sensor, then find others in their vicinity. This will enable users to access and open to facilitate growing their community.

  • Anonymous and Unregistered Posting and Comments

ONe allows potential users to “try before they buy” by posting and accessing other features anonymously or with unregistered accounts. The goal is to allow new users to learn our features without forcing a sign-up, or limiting what people can see that is publicly available.

Unregistered accounts will not be able to access any private functionality to prevent abuse. Users will also have the option to restrict comments so that Unregistered or Anonymous users cannot comment on their posts.

  • Image: Sharing, Editing GIFs, and More

Image sharing will be available across all channels, posts, and message types. ONe has a built-in image editor that makes use of existing smartphone features as well as standard tools to cut, crop, resize, zoom, sharpen, detail, and enhance photos. Gesture-based options such as rotating and flipping will be available too.

  • Video

ONe will support full video playback and sharing, as well as video posts in feeds and on personal profiles and Chat.

  • Friends, Family, and Followers

ONe is designed to grow communities, friends, and family closeness. To facilitate this, we’ve built a variety of ways for users to interact with diverse groups. Users will have the option to follow the public activity of others and see it on their aggregate feed.

  • Hybridized/Decentralized Structure

ONe Network will initially be a Hybridized network run partly on centralized servers and partly on a Decentralized (Ethereum) based platform.

Content, data, uploads, the lifespan of posts, and other information will all be stored and verified partially on the blockchain and partially on centralized servers. Specifically, we plan to implement all Wallet transactions on the Blockchain and Decentralized systems to protect our users and to allow for full implementation of Onebit token.

  • ONe Wallet

ONe will rely on the [ONe] wallet to hold, store, and support transactions for Ethereum ERC20 standardized tokens. The wallet will be designed to support a multi-wallet functionality and to be used within our marketplace, chat, gps, as well as to connect to other outside networks.


  1. The availability of private channels for the promise, as well as public.
  2. Create a multi-purse for your currencies.
  3. The most excellent feature that ensures the safety of users on the network is anonymity.
  4. Huge trading platform!
  5. Exclusive data encryption.
  6. Ability to earn advertising.


The Onebit Token will be the fuel that empowers the ONe Network. This will be the backbone of all value and prize transactions in the platform. OBT will convert cryptocurrency from a special user base to a mass that enables everyone who uses the network to easily subscribe, prize and gain access to content restricted from the creator. This will bring a new era of privacy, user control and freedom of expression. ONe Network will be the beginning of a new social experience where users and creators will be rewarded for their data and and to bring value to the network. Join us in putting everything together!

Uses of the ONebit Token

  • Marketplace

Onebit will be used in our marketplace to buy and sell products, buy premium content, subscribe to the content creators page and other market features. ONe will charge a fee of 1-5% for transactions, while sellers and content creators will keep the rest.

  • Opt-In advertising platform

Onebit will be used in our opt-in advertising which is restricted to Public Feed only. Advertisers who purchase ads on our platform will purchase our Onebit token and reward users for participating in their advertising campaigns. ONe will approve and charge a negotiated fee from advertisers for this privilege.

  • Rewards

Onebit will be used to reward both users and content creators within the ecosystem for the different activities that promote the health and viability of the ONe network. Users can also send Onebit to each other within the ecosystem as a reward, a tip or simply a thank you!

Token Sale and ICO Details

ONebit Token is an ERC20 compliant token that will be used within the ecosystem to reward Content Creators and Users alike.

  • PreSale: Oct 9, 2018 - Nov 9, 2018
  • Main Token Sale: Nov 27, 2018 - Jan 22, 2019
  • Token: OneBit(OBT)
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • OBT Decimals: 18
  • Token Sale and Pre-Sale Supply: 125,000,000
  • Initial total Token Supply: 250,000,000
  • PreICO price: 1 OneBit = 0.2 USD
  • Price in ICO: 1 OneBit = 0.4 USD
  • Min. investment: 100 USD
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, BCH, Fiat
  • Distributed in ICO: 50%
  • Soft cap: 2,500,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 36,000,000 USD

Token Distribution and Funds Allocation

Token Allocation:

  • 20% reserved for team and advisors (50M)
  • 6-month cliff with a 24-month vesting period
  • 20% sold during Token Pre-Sale (50M)
  • 30% sold during Token Sale (75M)
  • Up to 5% reserved for Bonuses and Referrals (12.5M)
  • 25% is reserved for Ecosystem Rewards and Use (62.5M)

Funds Allocation:

  • Ecosystem Development: 60%
  • Advertising and Marketing: 15%
  • Security Review and Audits: 10%
  • Administrative: 8%
  • Legal and Compliance: 5%
  • Consulting Services: 2%


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Author: JigaMola

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