Orvium is the first decentralized framework for managing and publishing of the scientific materials. It is a genius platform which will be the best tool for the scientists who want to share the discovery with the scientific community and publish their work. Orvium is a decentralized platform with the open original code. It allows to streamline of all levels from the idea to publishing and promotion of the materials. The platform has an efficiency business model based on the advanced technologies, such as blockchain and smart-contracts, decentralized data storage, cloud calculations, data analyses, and the machinery teaching usage. The combination of these technologies makes the platform a multipurpose decision for many market problems.

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Orvium provides big data analytics and machine learning technologies to build a smart digital infrastructure for scientific publication management. Public accessible platform when using cloud calculations in order to automatize the publishing process from the beginning to the end and increase the precision of checking. Orvium allows to publish the materials immediately after submission and they will be available for the users. Orvium uses blockchain technologies and decentralized storage to create a fully public, traceable, and trustworthy record of the publication process.

Orvium platform aim to eliminate market defects, to improve the quality and efficiency of publications and to make the whole process very simple and available. Orvium platform utilize blockchain, Etherium and smart-contracts for safety financial operations, detail analytics for improving the workable process and also target leading positions in scientific community to give maximum advantages. Orvium offers to apply the most actual technologies for providing the efficiency work in decentralized decisions for safe conservation a big volumes of data and also in cloudy calculations.

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Custom copyright and licenses: Authors and research institutions have full control over copyrights and licenses of their publications and work.

Zero-delay publication: In a matter of seconds, establishes an independent, decentralized and immutable time-stamped proof of existence, authorship and ownership in the blockchain.

Truly recognized researchers' work and its impact: Scientists are publically rewarded and gain reputation both acting as author and reviewers.

Support for research It is possible to share research data and code with the whole community or a particular team, including unpublished data to move the research forward.

Decentralized journals: Provides a global platform for the creation and maintenance of scientific journals management at a low cost.

Science patronage: Any person can contribute to research programs and challenge the scientific community to solve specific problems.

Social platform: The entire community can participate and feedback the work of other researchers boosting collaboration and knowledge dissemination.


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The Orvium’s token called ORV, is based on Etherium. The cost 1 ORV is 0.10 USD. The tokens will supply all levels of the materials publishing from the original presentation of the platform, the rating of the quality, buying of the copyrights licenses and receiving the access to research data etc. Each action will be possible with using of token, such as rewarding of review author, journals owners, ordinary users and others participants of the platform. The bonuses will be also paid for different actions.

Token Sale July - August (no exact dates)

Token Ticker: ORV

PreSale Token Price: 1 ORV = 0.10 USD

Accepts: ETH

Fundraising Goal: 20,000,000 USD

Total Tokens: 379,000,000

Available for Token Sale: 60%


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