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The Dark Matter white paper is Now Available!

Dark Matter (XDM) is a specialized token on the ION blockchain optimized to excel as a store of value. The internal policy of XDM limits its supply to 71,000 tokens.

Dark Matter becomes increasingly scarce through a deflationary policy embedded in the token’s code.

Now you can free yourself from the dangerous inflation that depletes the value of government issued currencies.

Take control. Be your own wealth manager with Dark Matter.

With Dark Matter, you can protect yourself from the risks of economic collapse that come with out-of-control government borrowing.

Dark Matter’s extraordinary inflation resistance is the result of a protocol that reduces the remaining supply of XDM at an accelerating rate with network usage. The simple yet powerful protocol makes Dark Matter the world’s first hyperdeflationary asset.

Besides being the world’s best store of value, Dark Matter has crucial utility for creating tokens on the ION blockchain.


Anyone who wants to create a new token must use XDM to pay the one-time token generation fee. With every new token formed, more XDM gets permanently removed from the token supply, further driving deflation.

Stay tuned for updates about the distribution and sale of XDM.

Visit: https://www.darkmatter.info/
WP: https://www.darkmatter.info/XDMWhitepaper.pdf