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Advertising has, acquired great importance in the modern day characterized by tough competition in the market and fast changes in technology. In a world where advertising is an important tool of promotion and is basically a non-personal presentation of an idea or a product Advertisement supplements personal selling to a great extent. Almost every company in the world suffers from the problem of running advertisement campaign. Small companies face this problem more often because they don’t have enough resources to pay huge amount of money to the marketing agencies and without a professional approach, there is a huge chance of not getting expected result and it can cost the company a lot and the company might shut down because of the lacking of promotion. Major marketing problems of lead generation are:

  • Implicit pricing of advertising

This problem is clearly evident in the B2B sphere. When a business representative comes to an advertising Agency, he is offered several tariffs: cheaper, more expensive and the most expensive. He usually does not understand what the budgets are made of, but he has to agree to one of these options, most often average. However, in the course of work the price still rises to the maximum values.

  • High cost of customer attention

The definition of the target audience is the basis of advertising. If you have not made the correct portrait of the target audience — consider that at least half of the advertising budget has disappeared without bringing profit.

  • Lack of control

There are a lot of promotion tools, each of them requires its own analytical tools. This trend greatly complicates the management of advertising campaigns and the regulation of their budgets.

  • The growing cost of production due to operating costs

On the way from the seller to the buyer-it is waiting for a large number of intermediaries, each of which has its own types of these products. As a result, the cost of goods for the client increases many times.

  • Lack of control over the client base

It is extremely difficult to monitor a large audience. Even with the systematic compilation of the customer base, it will constantly lose relevance.

Other problems include:

  • Increase in the cost of operation.
  • There is the presence of fraud.
  • Uncomfortable interferences that are outdated.
  • The lack of an actual database.
  • The absence of transparency in the formation of cost.
  • The attraction of high cost of clients.
  • The lack of a unified management mechanism.
  • There is a difficulty in getting to the targeted clients.

To solve these problems LeadRex started the fully innovative platform which solves all these problems.

LeadRex is the world’s first platform where company owners, marketing agencies, basically whoever wants to run a marketing campaign can create various forms of advertisement with the help of artificial intelligence where users can directly involve themselves creating the content at the small portion of cost comparing what present marketing agencies charge. Leadrex platform is also very reliable and assures best security and performance to the users. LeadRex is also releasing their own cryptocurrency which is called LDX token so that users of LEADREX platform can be benefited and other people can also invest as it is a promising company with an extra ordinary vision. LEADREX is offering various ICO (initial coin offering) period with different amount of bonuses so that no one miss the chance of getting LDX token.

LeadRex is a lead generation platform based on artificial intelligence which foresees the future and targets the most appropriate audience. This platform can be amazing marketing tools for different audiences of the diverse degree of involvement. For instance, the platform capability is designed for private internet marketers, small businesses, large corporations as well as professional marketing agencies. Keep in mind that this platform is based on decentralization and implements Ethereum blockchain technology to enhance security as well as the speed of service delivery. There is no doubt that this is the right product to promote your new brand as well as take your business to a higher level.

LEADREX is a smart platform which is the combination of a very friendly and intuitive interface and smart technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain , CR etc. Using the blockchain technology solve the issue of transparency and fraudulent between users and client. And the users can directly involve themselves to make the content of the advertisement. Users can choose from a wide range of collection of contents and then just use the drag and drop technology to create the desired content by the help of artificial intelligence without any prior knowledge of graphical interface and programming language.

After the launch of the campaign the user can monitor the effectiveness of the advertisement and can disable components or include new components. The platform uses CRM system and general client database to select target audience based on the given information by using the latest artificial intelligence technology which is the most important component of this platform. User can create one type of marketing tool or many tools at the same time. LEADREX is offering many types of services to the customers at different tariff plans.

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User must register in the personal account or in the agent’s cabinet section depending on the user. Leadrex uses smart blockchain technology that’s why after entering the information a smart contact is created in the ecosystem of the leadrex.

After that they have to put all the necessary details of the advertisement and choose the tariff plan according to the type of the advertisement. For the blocchain technology transparency between users and client is no longer an issue. All the internal payments will be conducted in the LDX token in order to increase the demand of the tokens. User can analysis the campaign effectiveness and include or remove content of the advertisement which gives the user lots of flexibility.


Through LeadRex lead generation platform, which employs an array of the component as well as modules, these people will be able to achieve an effective advertising campaign as well as reduce such costs thus enabling them to save their funds appropriately.

With Artificial Intelligence in place, it helps businesses and ad agencies to hit the sweet spot between generating the desired lead and not overspending the funds available. A new innovation of chat bots also helps understand the needs of businesses to make a more defined strategy about Lead generation. The elimination of middle men also reduces costs significantly.

  • The Internet marketer

LeadRex platform enables them to achieve automation as well as manage their advertising management centrally. This saves time as well as enables them to work on a range of advertising campaigns within a short time without compromising their quality.

  • Small businesses

For small businesses to survive and prosper in online business, it needs maximum results and reduces the operating costs as much as possible. In most cases, such businesses may not have its own website and cannot describe its targeted audience. Through LeadRex lead generation platform, which employs an array of the component as well as modules, these businesses will be able to achieve an effective advertising campaign as well as reduce such costs thus enabling them to save their funds appropriately.

  • Advertisement department employees

LeadRex services help them cut on advertisement cost. They will attract as many clients as possible to their cooperation with specialists. This is because LeadRex applies its artificial intelligence to target the right audience to the cooperation who in turn will be potential customers.

  • Marketing agency

Through this extraordinary lead generation platform, the marketing agency will be able to employ arrange of components as well as modules to ensure transparency as well as offers its potential customers additional services. The marketing agency will also be able to track down their advertising campaign in real time. It is a fact that this technique will probably increase trust between the marketing agency as well as its targeted audience or potential customers.


  • There are options to earn and make use of the service for free.
  • There is no required special skill.
  • There is an interactive system of tips and advice.
  • It has a principle of ‘’ONE CONTACT’’.
  • There is an availability of small and medium businesses.
  • Availability of financial analytics.
  • An exact targeting.


The LDX token is compatible with ERC20 and is intended to finance the development of the LeadRex platform and marketing activities prior to the project’s release to the stage of self-sufficiency. It is planned to release 135,900,000 LDX

Token Details

  • Symbol: LDX
  • Token type: ETH
  • ICO Price: 1 ETH = 2000 LDX
  • Min purchase: 0.1 ETH
  • Total supply: 135,900,000
  • Available supply: 109,600,000
  • Soft cap: 250 ETH
  • Hard cap: 10,500 ETH

ICO Details

  • PRE-SALE - from 21.05.2018 to 01.07.2018 or before reaching Hard Cap. 1 ETH = 16200 LDX
  • PRE-ICO - from 02.07.2018 to 03.08.2018 or before reaching Hard Cap. 1 ETH = 13000 LDX
  • ICO Round 1 - from 04.08.2018 to 05.09.2018 or before reaching Hard Cap. 1 ETH = 8200 LDX
  • ICO ROUND 2 - from 06.09.2018 to 07.10.2018 or before reaching Hard Cap. 1 ETH = 4333 LDX
  • ICO ROUND 3 - from 08.10.2018 to 09.11.2018 or before reaching Hard Cap. 1 ETH = 2000 LDX


Distribution of Funds

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