What is HumanCoin

Humancoin is a breakthrough block project that unites philanthropists and recipients on a single platform in the most convenient and transparent way. Donors (consisting of three people of us around the world) can quickly donate around the world, monitor spending on the Internet and receive discounts from platform partners. Charitable projects can receive funds with minimal operating costs and in a short time in a convenient currency.

The Humancoin ID can easily be converted to tokens, miles, bonuses, and other coupons. Owners of tokens will be asked to keep them in order to take advantage of, attractive, and this provides long-term, stable demand. As the number of partners and the scale of cooperation in the Humancoin network grows, the popularity of tokens is growing.

This is the first project in the history of blockchain, which can be a global aggregator of e-commerce loyalty programs. with philanthropic tokens Association provide a unique advantage in the development of loyalty programs with partners to create a strong emotional resonance. Instead of competing with existing programs, Humancoin tags can be easily integrated into existing systems - all you need is to set the conversion rate

Unique feature of Humancoin

This is the first blockchain project that can become an aggregator of global e-commerce loyalty programs

The association with philanthropy provides its token with a unique advantage in developing a loyalty program with partners that creates a strong emotional resonance

Instead of competing with existing programs, the Humancoin token is easily integrated into existing systems - all that is required is conversion rate settings

How it works

The platform provides an opportunity to fully monitor online donations, as well as to vote and evaluate projects and charity along with other functions

There is also an opportunity to receive a receipt for each donation that will be used for tax deduction purposes, depending on the tax jurisdiction of the donor

The future expansion of the project will be financed by 5% - from the funds raised for charity projects, which is 4 times lower than the market average.


There is no doubt that serious changes are taking place in the method of donation, but even for this purpose the charitable branch could not overcome its main obstacles.

Donors, many of whom are private companies, have problems with trust when they donate.

Also note that most of the funds are spent on charitable funds.

The transaction transaction value is a commission per transaction.


Long charitable networks, consisting of banks, nongovernmental organizations, government agencies and law firms, will be moved to the far end with the help of a distributed book. Using the blockchain platform can provide a digital mechanism that will be used to record and view any transactions.

This new technology on a broader scale will help to develop a direct financing platform. Philanthropists, as well as the benefits of selling their funds.

The growth of the charitable industry should be significantly increased due to the great advantages of blockchain technology.

Humancoin work chart

The Fund of Humanities

Current sales

3,055,000,000 ERC20 Humancoins available

All unsold tokens will be burned

The price of one token is $ 0.01.

The minimum purchase is 0,1 ETH


July 1 - August 15

It is expected to receive 1 million dollars. USA

Current sales

September 15 - November 1

Softcap - 6 million dollars

Hardcap - $ 26 million

Sales bonus icon

For Sale 3 055 000 000

Pre-sale: 50% bonus - 150 000 000

Token For Sale Stage 1: 35% bonus - 945 000 000

Sale current. Phase 2: bonus of 20% - 960,000,000

Token For Sale Stage 3: bonus 0% - 1 000 000 000

Distribution of tokens

3 055 million - For Sale

1,000 million - Partnership Development Fund

600 million - Team reward => 50% blocked by a smart contract for 6 months. => 50% blocked for 12 months

600 million - advisers and ambassadors

500 million - Consultant and exchange

245 million - Bounty program, antenna and direction

The funds collected in Token Sale determine the company's financial strategy and will be used to develop the project in the 4th quarter of 2018-2019. Maintenance of the current activities of Humancoin will be funded through a 5% fundraising for the charity project.

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