Today, there is a huge demand for Computer Science. The number of computer science graduates is increasing every year. But, the quality of graduates is decreasing. A big number of graduates are not getting employment due to the fact that they're high unskilled. This is happening despite the fact there comes a lot of opportunities for them especially in open source

Developeo is an amazing project aimed at helping software developers from around the world. It is basically aimed at improving the open source contribution in the software development space as well as improving the quality of computer science graduates with the help of DEVX Certifications. Apart from the doing this, Developeo has some really amazing plans for setting up DEVX Bootcamp, DEVX Marketplace and then their ultimate goal, starting the Developeo University.

About Developeo - Different projects it aspires to setup:

As mentioned above, there are many projects that aims to setup apart from the Developeo marketplace which is aimed at improving the open source contributions by rewarding the developers with rewards. Out of a large pool of rewards that will set up by Developeo in Developeo tokens (we'll be talking about this later) will be used for rewarding open source contributions for developers from around the world. These Developeo tokens can then be converted to FIAT money or any other tokens.

Machine Learning and AI will bring a lot of change in this sector and it is predicted that a lot of jobs will be done automatically. Hence, it will reduce the number of people employed.


Seeing these latest advancements in technology Apart from the marketplace, Developeo plans to set up the following:-

A) DEVX Bootcamp - This bootcamp which will offer courses with an aim of re-skilling person so that they can overcome this unemployment.

B) DEVX Certifications - Students taking up courses in the bootcamp will be certified so that they can use these certifications for future purposes.

C) Developeo University - The ultimate goal of Team Developeo is to set up a NEXT-GEN university which will completely replace the current education system. The university will be based on a completely new education model aimed at making skilled graduates. The university makes to equip their students with all the latest technology.

An in-depth look at Developeo Marketplace:

Develpeo marketplace is built to improve the open source contributions by rewarding the developers. Developers who aim to get rewarded through this system will have to contribute to the source code on GitHub. Their contribution will be evaluated by the project manager and community members. The evaluation will be mainly done on the following basis:-

A) Quality of Code

B) Importance of the contribution made by the developer.

C) Previous track record

Revenue Model:

No matter how great an idea is, it cannot sustain without a business model and I think Developeo has a pretty good revenue model. The main revenue sources are Marketplace, Bootcamp, Certification and the University.

The boot-camp will be providing courses both online and offline. An average cost of boot-camp in the United States currently stands at USD 11,500. This bootcamp will generate a lot of revenue to Developeo. Out of the revenue generated, 20% will be kept out for rewarding Open Source contributions. The idea of rewarding from the revenue is really good and I appreciate Developeo if they plan to do this.

Tokens and ICO:

To facilitate the smooth transaction across the DEVX ecosystem, Developeo will launch DEVX tokens will be based on ERC20 platform. These DEVX tokens as mentioned previously will have several uses across the platform. Thus, resulting in the increasing demand for the tokens which will then increase the price of the token.

A total of 600,000,000 DEVX will be up for grab in the upcoming ICO. Out of these, around 480,000,000 DEVX will be up for sale across private and public sales including ICO. The rest of the 120 million DEVX tokens will be distributed as follows:-

A) 60 million will be kept for rewards.

B) 20 million will be for founders.

C) 15 million for bounty.

D) 5 million for the team behind Developeo.

Concluding Remarks:

Developeo is an amazing idea. The idea to transform the in-demand software industry is amazing. I'm damn sure that it will change the industry a lot. If the team behind Developeo goes on and achieves whatever they've promised then, it will prove to be amazing. I firmly believe that this is a must-invest ICO.

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