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Everyone is aware of it, everyone believes in it, everyone wants to adopt and apply it. Blockchain technology is the next big thing of the modern technological era, it is the innovation driving all business owners and entrepreneurs alike crazy and revolutionizing the way they do business within different industries. Today not only the financial industry feels the impacts of blockchain, other industries like gambling, retail, medicine, security etc are also affected enormously. However, gaming is the business which is by all means the most fascinating for the utilization of blockchain innovation. This field keeps on winning over a billion players around the world, and this number can only increase with the utilization of blockchain.

Blockchain technology has began to change the way people interact with games, by introducing a new gaming trend called blockchain-based games which is giving the possibility to earn for both players and game owners. Presently, these kind of games are casual and created based on collecting and exchanging operations. But the potential power of blockchain for the gaming business is huge. Very soon into the future we look forward to get better gaming experiences with constantly evolving characters and convenient in-game transactions between different games. We’ve started to move in this direction, and the first significant results in this area is already been achieved through Tedchain

Tedchain is a gaming blochchain based technology platform, with the sole aim of offering game players around the globe an awesome gaming experience. The platform is designed with a well organized framework anchored on the blockchain technology, created in order to provide blockchain services for game players, developers and game distributors. Tedchain simply puts game lovers into perspective as it has incorporation of beautiful games for users, ensure an efficient platform for display of games, create interrelationship between the users as well.
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Tedchain wants to give gamers a single account to deal with their games on all platforms which should be possible from an online program for both Mobile and PC based games

*Tedchain technology intends to use it's own blockchain together with smart contract. This will ensure high level of transparency and security.

  • The Tedchain community is created to operate on Ted P2P (distributed shared system) which will allow direct communication between the game developers and the players.

  • Voting framework. Tedchain technology wants to take care of the issue of accuracy of basic decision making with the assistance of a voting framework. Tedchain has designed a system that makes it possible for game players to easily vote whenever they are faced with a problem during the gameplay. The framework will be easily accessible to any member of the Tedchain platform.

  • Secure contacts. The platform guarantees complete confidentiality in the transactions and secure proper interaction between devices using the Tedcoin wallet. Transactions can be conducted between both individual users and between groups. Each device will undergo a thorough check and be allowed to interact only after the approval of the system.

The Tedchain protocol will continuously reward active members of the platform with the TED token. This reward is going to be based on PoS protocol.

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