Tombola is a cryptocurrency lottery and a gaming platform with transparency and open results.

Striking features :
Tombola is a lottery platform based on a blockchain base. Participants can buy tickets using virtual currency and then continue the game. Rewards are distributed according to victory. Tombola offers a variety of game services and ensures no manipulation in the game. Tombola also provides clear information about all tickets purchased, lottery numbers, and winners. Based on the block block EOS Tombola has no cost and also follows a dividend policy distributing 50% profit for all lottery and gambling games to Tombola's token holders on a regular basis.

Why is the Tombola game fair?

Tombola creates a hash value with a randomly generated random seed in the EOS chain and with seed players. The hash value generated using the Tombola algorithm to calculate game results. and all decisions are recorded in the block chain.

Benefits to Investors

Tombola provides tremendous benefits to TBL investors.

Dividends will be paid out of all planned businesses.

Lottery programs around the world

At present, the lottery industry has become one of the largest industries in the world. The percentage of online lottery market share seems to be a significant growth every year. Now use the world's public currency to challenge the world's largest prize money.

Tombola Marketing Program


Tombola will Airdrop 10,000,000 TBL, 2% of its total output. Air information was discovered through the official media of Tombola. Open the link below to get the tombola fall. Go to Airdrop


Tombola will be Bounty program of 5,000,000 TBL, 1% of total output. Gift program information is observed through the official media of Tombola. Go to the link below to get the tombola bounty program. Go to Bounty

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