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The various industry of the world is currently going through a revolution called Blockchain technology. This has changed the method of operation in health, agriculture and several essential sectors of the world. The sharing industry revenue in the year 2015 was $15 billion which is projected to $335 billion in the year 2025. But the traditional sharing economy is faced with different challenged such as high transaction cost and unfair dealings which is limiting the growth of the industry. This prompt the blockchain platform called WONO which will allow the exchange of tangible goods and services securely and transparently in the sharing economy globally.

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This is a decentralized platform that allows its users to rent their unused goods and hire services in a transparent way possible. The user will exchange goods in their locality with the WONO token at a competitive price. The WONO will change how rental services and the traditional freelancing platform operates because it’s based on blockchain technology which decentralizes different operation. The WONO token will make the platform functional because it will be used for all transaction on the platform.

The traditional sharing economy is faced with different challenges such as the high cost of transactions and transparency. The points listed below are the various problems facing the sharing economy and how the WONO platform can solve them:
1. Trust
No economy can function at its best if trust is out of the equation. The lack of trust in the sharing economy leads to unfair dealings and transactions. The WONO platform is based on the innovative blockchain technology that brings transparency to the sharing economy.

2. Monopoly
The giants in the sharing economy such as Uber and Upwork make things difficult for new entrants. And that limit the options of the customers in the traditional sharing economy to what they have to offer them. The WONO platform is base on the innovative blockchain technology that will change the sharing economy.

3. Privacy Issues
The data of customers in the centralized sharing economy are not safe. They are sometimes sold to the third part which is not too good for the privacy of the customers. The blockchain technology used on the platform will allow secure dealings on the platform.

4. Intermediaries
The high level of intermediaries in the sharing economy is one of the main challenges facing the sharing economy. These will affect the growth in the economy. The blockchain technology used on the platform will reduce the ro tole of intermediaries in the sharing economy.


• This will be a decentralized platform where you can hire services and rent goods with the WONO token.
• The WONO platform will allow interference-free ecosystem where services and products could be rented.
• The WONO token to be used for transactions on the platform.
• The blockchain transaction enables transparent operations as opposed to what we have in the centralized sharing economy.
• The WONO token allows the users of the platform to circumvent unnecessary charges from authorities and regulatory bodies.
• The WONO platform will be operating the sharing economy like most giants in the industry with the application of blockchain technology.

The blockchain based token used on the platform for various transactions is called WONO. This will be utilized for the rent payments and others transactions in the WONO ecosystem.

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Name Wono token
Type: Utility
Type: ERC20
Ticker: WONO
Total supply: 79, 166,667W
ICO Price: $0.5
Amount of token for sale: 47,500,000
Soft cap: $ 5,000,000
Hard cap: $ 20, 000,000


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WONO platform is a decentralize ecosystem that will change how things are done in the traditional sharing economy. This is because the innovative blockchain technology will allow transparent and fair dealings in the sharing ecosystem. For more information about Wono platform, click on the links below:

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