VibraVid is here to change how consumers interact with digital content while increasing the revenue potential of creators. VibraVid is a free P2P / peer-to-peer desktop and mobile streaming application that provides content views and audiences created by users' video and audio creators. VibraVid is the ability to upload, store, market, rent, and sell content from content creators. with additional benefits that can make and sell mass merchandise and event tickets directly to subscriptions and fans.
BeatzCoin is a crypto parasite that exchanges value on the VibraVid platform. Together, VibraVid and BeatzCoin provide an ecosystem that allows content creators and users to exchange as prizes and through interfaith, interfaith, commodities, services, awards. Both content creators and creators are rewarded for their participation by buying the BeatzCoin, which they can use to buy content, buy admirable places and event tickets, and promote their own content.

We create a platform for interacting with digital media
We are rebuilding the global marketing platform for digital content producers and consumers. We plan to transform how the advertising interacts with the content provider and the strategies applied to engage with users while increasing everyone's revenue potential.

For daily viewing and listening by consumers, over 600,000 hours of video content and 18,000 hours of music were uploaded daily to the main free broadcast services on the internet. This makes it difficult to spot an emerging content creator. Creating high quality content requires time and resources, such as content marketing.
With BeatzCoin in VibraVid's headquarters, we can offer both users and creators a way to earn money to create, watch, or listen to what they love. If advertising is not something in the past, advertisers should be able to decide whether or not they want to view Ads, and content creators should be able to decide how often and how often they should be shown and displayed over the course of their content.

Some of the ways VibraVid users can win BeatzCoin are:

Sign up for the VibraVid platform
Lock your tokens
Participating in bounty
Prefer to pay to track video (PTV) ads
Compete daily and weekly
Some of the ways creators in the VibraVid platform earn the BeatzCoin include:

Viewing or resting contents
Most viewed in the selected time period
Allow paid (PTV)
Get hints from viewers
The mass funding on our platforms is displayed throughout the duration of its content.
Three main aspects of BeatzCoin are Video / Audio Streaming, Payment Promotion and License and Distribution Control.

VibraVid aims to create a reward structure to access, track and listen to content that is directly controlled by the content creator.

We will take advantage of the IPFS protocol, a peer to peer hypermedia protocol, to distribute on the content platform.

IPFS allows files to be shared and accessed by a large number of distributed devices in order to create a distributed internet. The files are mixed and accessible using the IPFS: // configuration.

VibraVid chose to use IPFS for a number of reasons:

Because of the network in the network, the space is abundant
Fast Bandwidth Rates
Larger files can be automatically segmented
There is an existing network structure with many dApps.
However, we foresee a few problems:

Videos stored on the network are not limited to VibraVid, but the reward structure is a regular IPFS node and streaming tools.
The data is stored in an open environment.
We plan to minimize this problem by coding the videos with an overlay layer so that a BeatzCoin is necessary to decode the code of the wallet or node (idea union recognition). We will also solve the hash addresses in the form of an alternative form (cipher) and an unpublished mathematical calculation at the same time.

Finally, we will protect all videos using a key structure that will ensure that VibraVid sites are the only providers of content.

This will ultimately protect the content providers and their content to enable them to distribute their materials as they choose and select them. There are also concerns about illegal materials, such as pirated content or pornography, moving towards the network. The team will monitor the content to make sure that these materials are not loaded on the platform, but if they need to be uploaded, they will have the mixed portion of any of these videos on the black list. However, we are planning epistemic centralism by applying award-based awards for knots that defy the complexity of illegal content.

ICO Details
General information

Token: BTZC

Platform: TRON

Quantity: 3,000,000,000 BTZC

Price: 1 TRX = 1 BTZC

Payment: TRX

Hard cover: 733,333,369 TRX

Front ICO

Quantity: 180,000,000 BTZC

Start: 08/12/2018

Completion: 10/15/2018


Quantity: BTZC

Start: 11.01.2018

Completion: 01/31/2019

The Beatzcoin coin will be published on a Tron network basis. When combined with Tron's speed, cost and efficiency, third-party services, wallet and compatibility with changes, it creates the perfect environment for token (BeatzCoin) and platform (VibraVid).

Join here
Start November 1, 2018 (9:00 AM EST).

Number of coins for sale

400,000,000 BTZC (40%)

February 1, 2019 (11:00 AM)

Coin Exchange Rate





Trade accepted for TRX

Our official TRON Wallet address


For our private sale, VibraVid will follow all applicable statutory requirements to identify and prevent suspicious activity against KYC (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations and private sales.

As part of the exclusive sales, background and compliance checks are performed on all token receivers. The KYC process is an important part of the promise of VibraVid's ability to identify users who need further research and ultimately to authorize VibraVid to approve / reject new users.

The KYC process involves verifying the identity of users, including personal authentication checks. A successful KYC process must also comply with local regulations and VibraVid will do so without changing customer experience. VibraVid will include our KYC processes and procedures in our future locations to create a set of global KYC rules and establish certain rules to comply with local legal requirements.

January 2018

Beatzcoin platform development

March 2018

Development of smart contracts

August 2018

Prize campaign and pre-sale of coins

November 2018

3-phase sales of the coin

April 2019

The development of the Beatzcoin case

May 2019

VibraVid Radio and television

September 2019

Integration of the POLS Wallet system

October 2019

Independent development of AI platform

January 2020

Open a coin

Steven Zambron

Founder and CEO

Dallas Tatlow


Mike Patraw


George Tobias

Blockchain Developer

Tyler Engelhardt

Web Developer

Vontell Fikes

Full Stack Developer

Kamal Dodiya


Manmeet Sanghera

Human resources manager

Tasos Oureilidis

Senior Marketing Specialist

Stephen Brown

marketing manager

Kiran Bhardwaj

marketing manager

Steve Lourenco

Project Manager

Džiugas Ivaškevičius

Graphic Design and Community Management

Andi Irawan

Grahpic Design

Katarina Nolte

Senior editor

Jack Schroder

Legal Advisor

Debbie Hrncirik

Business Consultant

Stefanos Constantinou

ICO Consultant

Paul Li

Strategic Growth Consultant

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