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The gaming industries and blockchain technology have dependably had a substantial statistic cover. Gamers are familiar with advanced economies and will eagerly adjust to new innovations. It became clear the need to bring gaming to blockchain. The integration will create a new wave of innovative improvements to the gaming industry that has never before been thought of. Gaming companies are now making advanced researches, so blockchain may be a characteristic technological platform upon which games are going to be developed.

One of the major setback problems in gaming is is the question of whether gamers ought to have the capacity to really possess their virtual characters, profiles, things, and assets. Should game distributers have outright control over diversion economies when the players are subsidizing them?

In spite of the present use of blockchain in various enterprises, there are still expansive fragments of users that aren't comfortable with its actual potential. However, as blockchain upsets the gaming field, larger number of individuals will rapidly acquaint themselves with its advantages as a new medium of improving their gaming experience. Guaranteeing improved user experience and security by utilizing blockchain may enable game engineers to venture up and put in more effort into creating more amazing games on the blockchain.

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TEDCHAIN is a decentralized platform whose goal is to guarantee a one of a kind gaming background for every single game enthusiast on the blockchain. TEDCHAIN has made a utility token called TED token which will be use for few purposes on the TEDCHAIN platforn. TEDCHAIN is designing both online and offline games to be anchored on the blockchain technology and powered by the TED utility token. The TEDCHAIN group means to partake in the improvement of blockchain and cryptographic money network by encouraging the game lovers on how to use on the influence of digital currency advertise and make a superior tomorrow. Additionally, TEDCHAIN has pledged to secure the value of the TED token and bolster the token with the goal that investors can gain profit and have extraordinary advantages as the value of the token increases.
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Likewise, Tedchain is a blockchain technology platform which is made to empower quick, simple, and cheap delivery of decentralized applications (Dapps). Subsequently, every decentralized application (dapp) on the Tedchain system will have its interestingly adaptable blockchain.

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