Curaizon is a platform where doctors can monitor the health condition of patients, researchers can collect data for their studies, and patients can make sure that they take their meds in accordance with medical prescriptions.

There are several tools for solving various problems:

  • CuraServe - this system will remind patients to take medicines at a certain time during the day;

  • CuraView is a tool that allows doctors to receive complete and reliable information about patients' health conditions;

  • CuraData - a platform that is responsible for collecting patient data.

  1. CuraServe. This system will communicate with patients and remind them to take meds. All patients are linked with each other, and, in the event that any member of a platform does not accept meds, the system won't interact with certain functions. This decision encourages patients to take their medications on schedule.

  2. CuraView. This tool works with an already outdated healthcare system and inherits some of its functions. This ensures constant updating of patient data, namely the updating of electronic documents, which allows specialists to determine any changes in the work of the human organism and monitor the health conditions of a particular patient.

  3. CuraData. This system collects data about patients and their health conditions and passes them to CuraView. The data can be used by researchers to determine the effect of certain meds on these conditions, and also to optimize the pick of treatment strategies.

The main advantage of the ecosystem is that it involves the use of both an electronic medical card to monitor the condition of patients with prolonged or chronic illnesses and the provision of medical data. These data will be used to research and predict the patient's condition in the future.

The ecosystem operation is based on the implementation of a blockchain and the use of smart-contracts. All data will be stored outside the chain in the AES 256 encrypted cloud in the corresponding domain with block storage indicators, as well as defined access rules.

The platform also uses machine learning techniques to determine the best approach to treatment and to model the patient's condition in the future.

The Curaizon platform offers its users the following functionality:

  • sending notifications about the time and amount of taking medications;

  • the ability to compare patient health data with data provided by other patient groups;

  • the patient's family and specialists will be able to monitor the patient's condition in real time;

  • researchers and scientists will be able to access patients' data using tokens.

The platform will also have its own cryptocurrency, which is called CTKN or CuraTokenTM (standard ERC 20). If we talk about the benefits for token holders, it can be noted that all tokens holders will be able to use tokens to access platform services or put them on sale.

It is also noted that the official release of the full functionality of the platform will take place no earlier than 2020.

The healthcare area has been developing not so rapidly as we would like. With the introduction of the medical services market Curaizon platform, this industry should change for the better and take several important steps forward.

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