Every day we are increasingly confronted with the world of crypto currency, more and more information appears and it becomes interesting for many people. With the advent of blockchainchain technology, much has changed, for the better, more companies have started to use, this technology is closely implanted in our life and economy. New ideas come every day. People want to invest in new projects. One of the interesting projects of Moolycoin is an entrepreneurial ecosystem based on blockade technologies designed to accommodate entrepreneurs and enterprises for cooperation
What is Moolyacoin?
The https://www.moolya.global/ platform works by simplifying the choice of start-ups in complex ecosystems. The global conclusion of community users on a single digital start-up ecosystem to show their capabilities. All interactions and collaboration within the framework of the platform / application are built into the blocks, and automated smart contracts provide the necessary confidence in the transactions in the global network. This facilitates selection, reduces costs and allows you to quickly resolve the need for services for global start-ups, investors, service providers, ideators, institutions and companies
Moolya is a business-based ecosystem based on the block, designed to accommodate entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions that make up an ecosystem of cooperation to ensure a solid success. "global" is the "world's first Integrated Global Digital Start Ecosystem", which is the culmination of a network of interaction, a market and an on demand service platform for the ecosystem of the launching ecosystem. It consists of 6 vital communities:
Of companies
Service providers and various other tools.
Moolya uses time-proved concepts of clusters, chapters and subfolders, digital offices, service maps, avatars, business processes and workflows to emulate stand-alone start-up ecosystem models.
The MOOLYA ecosystem includes: institutes, start-ups, companies, service providers, offices, teams, branches. All this is combined for the convenience of consumers. Also, the ecosystem includes innovators, people who are ready to offer their ideas for future projects, start-ups, service companies, investors, training centers, and consultants who can consult at the right time, business leaders and many others. Today Moolya intends to use unique digital marketing strategies for fruitful cooperation, as well as stimulating the development of complementary services.
Also note that this ecosystem offers a broad database, for example-if you have any questions about bringing all users to the digital market, or you need to apply data analysis-all these difficulties are ready to solve the Moola ecosystem. It is important that Mulia can become a good assistant in the start-up and make it successful thanks to marketing, advanced technologies, curatorial services, consultations and a system of cooperation - which will positively impact the attraction of investors to your project. You can also resort to a package of premium services that the creators offer. Here you should pay attention to the fact that you can make your startup confidential or open to all at your discretion.

Coin Moolya
Developers, for convenience in work, have introduced their Moolya token, the ERC20 standard, this will be the main payment tool in the ecosystem, but the system will support other currencies, including fiat money, compared to other users. Moolya coin receivers will have some advantages, their creators will be rewarded with benefits. Since the coin is created according to the ERC20 standard with the help of moolya coin, it will be possible to create convenient smart contracts and store coins on most existing purses.
Sale of Tokens and ICO
The Moolya project is launched through the creation of moolyacoin crypto currency (symbol: MOOLYA). The moolyacoin token is built on the Ethereum block and corresponds to the ERC-20 standard. Moolyacoin pending patent pending innovative SaaS moolya.global platform, which is designed to become the preferred method of doing business and accessing the ecosystem services on the moolya platform using the Ethereum blocking protocol.
ICO parameter

The symbol-MOOLYA
Not all. moolyacoins: 1,000,000,000
Full moolyacoin offered on ICO: 480,000,000 (Pre Sales, Private Sales & Crowd)
Price / coin in pre-sales: 0.06 USD
Price / coin in private / Crowd sales: 0.06 USD
*% Coins sold at ICO: 48% (Pre Sales, Private Sales & Crowd
Hard Cover-25 million USD
Soft Lid-3 million USD

Bonus Layout
Pre-Sales: Bonus-25%
Private-Sales: Bonus-20%
Crowd-Sale: Bonus-5%
According to the website, https://www.moolyacoin.io/, MoolyaCoin (MOOLYA), the IKO will be conducted according to the following schedule:
Pre-ICO - July 10, 2018-10 August 2018
Private sale-September 1, 2018-30 September 2018
Public Sale: October 15, 2018-15 January 2019
Distribution of Coins
The total supply of MoolyaCoin is 1,000,000,000 MOOLYA. The distribution of tokens will be as follows: Pre-ICO-8%, private token sale-20%, public sale - 20%, advisory - 14%, founders and employees - 14%, Company reserve - 24%.
Distribution of attracted funds

For more information, please visit:
Website: https://moolyacoin.io/
Technical description: https://www.moolyacoin.io/whitepaper/
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4564752,
Twitter: https://twitter.com/moolyacoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moolyacoin
Telegram: http://t.me/moolyacoin
Tool: https://medium.com/moolyacoin-io