Crypto Souk is an exchange that combines versatility and reliability, allowing anyone to exchange and trade digital assets (passwords). Crypto Souk is looking for world-class customer service, continuous improvement, fast and instant transaction services.

The chart allows you to insert and create 58 auxiliary indicators and various lines and models to make it as convenient as the stock trading service.

Crypto Souk also has its own exchange token.

With SOUK tokens, I think about charging the transaction fee to the owner and various incentive systems, and I think the value of the SOUK token will continue to increase.

token distribution of white paper.
Information about road maps and SOUK token sales.

It would be a good idea to start and start marketing in Korea. I think the basic condition of global exchange is solid security, marketing, different events. And there is a mobile app, easy to see UI.

I hope Crypto Souk will grow into a global exchange.
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