In the past, where people had no sense and ideas about social media. But now the revolution has increased day by day. Just as Facebook and Twitter are gaining popularity slowly because they have unique specifications and features, as well as Blockkonnect, we also have their special features. You may have seen that many people discussed for hours about various topics on social media, but they didn’t get anything in return. So the Blockkonnect team is currently revolutionizing the world of social media and getting people motivated by providing a platform for discussion that can improve their knowledge and writing skills, and will earn income through monetization at the same time.

The Blockkonnect platform is an innovative cryptocurrency company that operates on blockchain technology with the aim of sharing different essential knowledge and information including blockchain and other technical information. Blockkonnect will also serve as a gateway for companies that want to enter the blockchain platform. That way, many global communities will be continuously connected to social media, and deliver the latest news on social media channels. So that news stations can share stories, warnings, and various other important news directly with their followers. So, could this Blockkonnect company connect everyone to the exciting blockchain world?

What is Blockkonnect?
Blockkonnect is the first blockchain technology in the world and also a social networking platform with the aim of connecting people associated with crypto and uniting them under one roof. Blockkonnect is the first ultimate solution to provide features that you always want on a single platform.

Here you can find many people with the same interests as you who are associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Blockkonnect will give you a golden opportunity to monetize each of your posts and comments into money; this is similar to something like AdSense on YouTube. And we are very confident that we will remain top in this sector forever, this is because of our unique concept no other social platform gives you the easiest way to monetize.

About Us
Platform Blockkonnect is one of the most innovative platforms currently in use throughout the world. Blockkonnect allows everyone to connect from every corner of the world. Our motive is to provide a better blockchain platform where users from all over the world can connect on one platform and discuss topics related to cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and others.

Our specialty
The team and we will provide you with a Social Platform that Connects Fuel Users and Rewards. This is an ecosystem explicitly designed to make online discussion platforms easy, smooth and beneficial for owners and business users. This also gives you the opportunity to love Blockchain and cryptocurrency to be able to connect and discuss and answer questions between each other.

How does it work
Blockkonnect will provide a platform that allows every company and individual to create topics, comment on posts, in polls, official announcements, and so on. We connect people from all over the world with the following features.

Social Wall - On the social wall, all members will be able to see each other’s profiles and follow them, connect them, see one connection and other activities.
Forum - The forum is a place to discuss topics, ideas, and blockchain-related content such as technology to solve user problems and to take opinions from each user to make things better in the blockchain and technology fields.
Technical Specifications
ICO Start in: 20 August 2018
Transaction Code: XBT
Platform: ETHEREUM ERC-20
Max Supply: 200,000,000 XBT
Soft Cap: $ 750,000
Hard Cap: $ 900,000
ICO starting Price: $0.015 per XBT
Estimated Target Price After ICO: $1 per XBT
ICO Timings: 20-Aug-18 To 17-Oct-18
Token & Found Allocation

01 AUG 2018 | Project Announcement

04 AUG 2018 | Bounty

20 AUG 2018 | Token Sale

OCT 2018 | Token Withdrawal

OCT 2018 | On Exchange

NOV 2018 | Forum Launch

DEC 2018 | Random Airdrop

FEB 2019 | Poll Function

APR 2019 | News Portal

MAY 2019 | News Portal App

JUN 2019 | Signature Campaign

JUL 2019 | Internal Exchange (Voting)

AUG 2019 | Official Wallet Launch

SEP 2019 | Random Airdrop

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