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For every new theory and innovation, it has a bases or foundations upon which its strength is hinged upon, therefore; for any technological inputs that is initiated into the cryptosphere, it is upon the solid foundations of the Russian crypto legend named Satoshi Nakamoto who out of the constraints people undergo in terms of transfer of currency and the performance of business transactions which the traditional banking sector have monopolize the entire processes, thereby engendering the security of peoples funds due to the vulnerable system where a central authority will mortgage the entire process, the rigorous processes involved in the transfer of millions of transactions within minutes that people will have to wait longer than expected before their desired services could be delivered. Although, with the wake of 2009 till date, more innovations have been initiated which cut across all facets of human endeavor and the REALDEX which is specifically built for exchange is not exempted.

realDEX is a Real Decentralized P2P Exchange Platform project running on Windows, Mac OSX or Linux program not relying on a Domain and/or IP for functionability. Real decentralization means that your Windows, Mac OSX or Linux program will generate a deposit address without any access to a wallet. The coins that you will be sending there will remain in cold storage until withdrawal is done via one of the Masternode on the network. realDEX will need an Internet connection and will run on one TCP port number 9338. The realDEX Network only needs one port for full-duplex, bidirectional traffic. This port will be used for trading by all members of the network as well as communication with the Masternodes.

The technology behind this exchange platform gives it a unique face amongst other crypto exchange platform. This is because Buyers, Sellers, Devs and Masternode owners will never have access to private keys heavily encrypted and store on the realDEX blockchain database and yes, source code will be available on GitHub at Because all trades will be carried out without us manipulating coins, you have to pay regular Bitcoin, the Xcoin blockchain fee and the realDEX network will charge the small token rDEX fees that will enter the Masternode that handles your transactions. Realdex token is based on the Ethereum technology ERC20. rDEX will be primarily used to pay fees for the trading platform as well as serving as collateral for running a Masternote on the network and getting paid by the network. below is the realDEX technological sample;
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Realdex has various functions or mode of service provisions which is solely geared towards giving her subscribers the best service they require from her. This is a remarkable quality it possesses above any other similar program, these component units of operations are divided into four areas which are;

RealLOCAL: Decentralized person-to-person altcoin/fiat currency trading platform with an escrow service. Trade directly with another person and get your coins instantly.
RealSOCIABLE: Get Back Your Privacy! Connect and share with your friends and family on this Real bullet-proof social networking crypto dedicated website.
RealAUTION: Cryptocurrency Auction Marketplace platform. Buy and Sell securely online with Bitcoin, Ethereum, rDEX and Sucre. Escrow service optional.
RealFREELANCE: Cryptocurrency crowd sourcing marketplace website, which allows employers to post jobs that Freelancers, Digital Nomads can then bid to complete.

The second round of the token sale will commence from 23rd July, 2018 and ends on the 23rd October, 2018 with an expected quantity of about 2500000 rDEX. With a price equivalent of rDEX to 0.0002 BTC.

After the token sales, a percentage of the token will therefore be distributed to all category of persons who have contributed towards the success of this great exchange project. Below is a diagram illustrating the distribution technique;
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