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Qiibee is creating a loyalty protocol that provides a trustless, secure and provable manner for issuing loyalty tokens backed by a crypto asset across different blockchains.

In addition, The qiibee protocol provides a trustless, secure and provable manner for issuing loyalty tokens backed by a crypto asset across different blockchains. It also guarantees liquidity by allowing easy redemption, tradability and exit options.

The key components of the LoyaltyToken Protocol

Loyal customers

Real value, usability, freedom

Decentralized Loyalty Apps

Brands can build DAPPs for qiibee-based loyalty tokens

Software Development Kit

Web wallet and dashboards for loyalty token transparency

Blockchain Plug & Play

LoyaltyToken protocol, smart contracts for minting, staking, exchanging and transferring of loyalty tokens.

Everyone — loyalty program owners, companies, and developers — should be able to build their own applications without the hassle of integrating blockchain technology.

Connect to API

Easily connect to our API and set up your loyalty program.

Discover the SDK

Everything you need to set up, manage, and track your loyalty tokens.

Create your DAPP

Build your own decentralized application on top of our protocol.

Everything you need to get started

Qiibee provides an easy-to-connect means to start building loyalty programs on top of the qiibee protocol, an API that brands’s developers can use to easily communicate with the protocol and the blockchain.

The alpha version is already live, and we’re always improving the API to deliver a smoother, more straight forward experience.

With the qiibee API, you can:

Create loyalty tokens

Issue more supply

See relevant analytics, such as transaction history, current supply, and more

Exit the ecosystem

Set your LoyaltyToken settings — name, symbol, decimals, rate to QBX, etc.

Reward customers

Make tokens transferable at high speed and no cost

Qiibee's software development kit is comprised of the API, full documentation, tutorials and a user-friendly dashboard. We’re working hard to build the first brand-specific version of the dashboard, where brands can easily set up their loyalty programs through an straightforward visual interface.

Loyalty token creation

Use the token creation section to define your LoyaltyToken settings, including: token name, symbol, exchange rate to the QBX token, token image, description, etc.

Real-time information

Check the block explorer to see real-time information about the blockchain where your token lives and the latest transactions.


Need some numbers? The dashboard’s analytics section provides all the important information about your LoyaltyToken: how many accounts hold your token, peak times for rewards, etc.

Build your DAPPs on top of our protocol

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Brands can build their own wallet apps, where customers can track, send, and earn loyalty tokens. Best of all, it’s easy for developers to connect to our API and create their app.

One example of these DAPPs is our very own qiibee Wallet. We’ve just released the alpha version for iOS and Android.

Easy access

Store and find all your tokens in one place

Trade tokens

Exchange loyalty tokens for one other

Real value rewards

Sell your loyalty tokens for $, ¥‎, € or bitcoin

More secure

Blockchain technology protects your data

Plug & Play

Connect to our ecosystem and launch your token

Engaged customers

Higher engagement and customer lifetime value

Remove cost

Blockchain technology is very efficient and secure

Why do we need blockchain technology?

Blockchain provides an ideal framework for tackling the weaknesses of today’s loyalty market: points without a real value, trusted programs (weak data privacy), and highly centralized loyalty programs.

Decentralized loyalty apps. The qiibee wallet is one of the means by which loyal customers can interact with the LoyaltyToken Protocol. The qiibee wallet directly communicates with our API which talks to the protocol.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK streamlines and facilitates application development running on the LoyaltyToken Protocol, which saves the time, money, and extensive know-how required to build it from scratch. Loyalty program owners can focus on their businesses and their applications, while we support them with our SDK. The bigger the community maintaining and building on the qiibee protocol, the stronger qiibee’s loyalty ecosystem.

Qiibee’s LoyaltyToken Protocol

Our protocol provides a trustless, secure and provable manner for issuing loyalty tokens backed by a crypto asset across different blockchains. It also guarantees liquidity by allowing easy redemption, tradability and exit options.

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Blockchain infrastructure

Our first implementation involves an Ethereum-based loyalty blockchain. The image below shows the qiibee vision in terms of its blockchain infrastructure:

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The Ethereum-based loyalty blockchain provides and ensures high-speed transactions for low or no fees. These characteristics are key for an ecosystem that wants to offer microtransactions and be made mainstream.

What are the Benefits?

There are four key benefits when considering the Loyalty Token Protocol from a brand perspective:

Brands can “Plug & Play” with their loyalty program. How does it work? In a first step, the brand’s marketing department sets the budget for the loyalty program, which needs to be converted into brand loyalty tokens. The qiibee protocol then creates the brand tokens and sends them to the brand. It is important to highlight that the brand still has full control of the interaction with the customer, for instance over its individual app’s interface. In addition, the brand can also determine exactly how it wants to reward its loyal customers and how it wants to configure the redemption process.

Increased level of engagement a brand can achieve. It has full flexibility in the construction of its reward and redemption structure. The fluctuation of the brand’s token value in terms of FIAT also positively affects customer engagement, since customers are seemingly interested in the value of the tokens and are thereby incentivized to hold them for a longer period. On top of that, a brand can tap into a large loyalty community of existing customers on the qiibee ecosystem, which makes it easier to boost new loyalty programs and attain a wide customer reach.

Elimination of liabilities on the company’s balance sheet. Since the tokens that it will give out are tradeable and have a “real” value rather than constituting a promise from the company to be delivered in the future, the tokens will not be accounted for as deferred revenue.

Reduced costs and risk. Given that a brand’s program is built on the qiibee protocol, the set-up costs for a new program are very low. Customers are also responsible for their own wallets, so the risk of a massive data breach is mitigated.

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Customer perspective

When looking at the customer perspective, there are again four key advantages of using qiibee for the collection of loyalty tokens:

Overview of all their loyalty tokens collected from different brands in the qiibee ecosystem. Customers can still use their favorite brands’ loyalty programs and interfaces and later import the collected tokens into one common place.

Transactions with their loyalty tokens. They can trade them with other customers in the ecosystem, send or receive tokens from others and participate in the different brands’ redemption offers.

All brand tokens are cryptocurrencies tied to the qiibee token (QBX), which will be publicly traded. This way, the brand tokens have a real value outside of the brand context.

Cash out. The qiibee ecosystem offers the customer the ability to sell loyalty tokens for FIAT or other cryptocurrencies via third party integrations.

Token details

Token : QBX

Price: 1 QBX = 0.071 USD

Platform : Ethereum

Accepting : ETH

Hard cap : 28,000,000 USD

Token and FUND Distribution

The token and Fund had been collected will use for several purposes. this things as accountable prove to all investor who has joined within QIIBEE project

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2015 - 2016

Our journey started with our own off-chain loyalty app

35m Data sets created

100k Active users

6m Customer activities

900 Brand partners


Made strategic decision to build loyalty on the blockchain based on learnings from off-chain app

Created smart contracts on Ethereum and published white paper

Q1 2018

Closed our seed round with approx. 3.2m USD

Invested in team expansion, product development and brand acquisition

Q2 2018

Conducted 2 brand roll-outs in 7 countries reaching 2m customers

API, Software Development Kit, Protocol 1.0

Q3 2018

Open Crowd Sale to fund the qiibee journey

Onboarding of 6 more brands to the qiibee ecosystem

Plug & Play, Dashboards

Q4 2018

Conduct loyalty on the blockchain hackathon

Onboarding of 17 more brands to the qiibee ecosystem

Protocol 2.0


Gabriele Giancola

Sales & Partnerships

“I leverage my industry network and build strategic partnerships”

Co-founded and built qiibee with his brother Gianluca

Former GE with 6 years of experience in the loyalty sector

MA Management, St. Gallen

Gianluca Giancola

Design & UX

“I create qiibee’s look & feel in design and user experience”

Co-founded and built qiibee with his brother Gabriele

Founder of gratis-auto.ch and designed with Snips and University of Basel

MA Graphic Design, IED Milan

Felicia Giancola-Teora

Finance & Legal

“I manage all legal, tax and financial matters of qiibee”

Founder and owner of Sires, a worldwide trading company

30 years of experience in management of international platform businesses

Pascal Schindelholz

Blockchain & Infrastructure

“I develop qiibee's blockchain and overall infrastructure”

Building and maintaining crypto mining environments since 2012

Owner of a web and internet application agency

Passion for secure and independent infrastructures

Federico Alconada

Blockchain Architecture

“I build and architect qiibee’s overall blockchain protocol”

Ethereum blockchain engineer

Former full stack developer at Avature and CERN

MSc Computer Science, top 1% student at UNLP, Buenos Aires

Aaron de Miranda Colaço

Blockchain Engineering

“I build qiibee's private and permissioned blockchain”

Experience building solutions using Ethereum, Quorum, and Hyperledger Fabric

Consulted for various large companies to integrate blockchain with existing products

BEng, Information Technology at Padre Conceição College of Engineering, Goa, India

Thorsten Kud


“I drive our product strategy and manage its implementation”

Co-founded, scaled and sold a loyalty startup with Marcel

Former venture developer at FinLeap and BCG consultant

MSc Mathematics, TU Munich

Marcel Brod

Growth & Operations

“I scale the platform and ensure diligent execution at qiibee”

Co-founded, scaled and sold a loyalty startup with Thorsten

Former BCG consultant and sales at Goldman Sachs

MSc Mathematics, ETH Zurich

Nir Blumberger

Marketing & PR

"I operate all qiibee's marketing and PR efforts"

Involved in ICO projects since the industry first started.

Advised, guided, and worked with over 40 ICOs.

8 years of experience working in tech

Elvis Dedic

Decentralized Application Engineering

“I implement qiibee's wallet app and front end components”

Track record on mobile applications development with React Native.

Active user on Leetcode and Hackerrank.

BA, English Language and Literature at Faculty of Philosophy, Sarajevo

Dan Octavian

Back End Development

"I build and implement qiibee's back end systems"

3 years of experience in challenging Silicon Valley startup environment

Passion for decentralized technology

MEng Computer Science at Imperial College London

Ruby Edelstein

Full Stack Development

"I develop qiibee's ecosystem front end and back end"

Coding since age 9 & first exit at the age of 10

Seasoned in decentralized blockchain applications development

Passion for cutting-edge blockchain technologies

Claudio Sgarbi

Token Economics

“I design the economics of qiibee together with brands & advisors”

Helped to build Spirit of Switzerland, a Swiss Liquor distributor

Passion for financial modelling

BA Business Management, University of St. Gallen

Jacqueline Bieri

Marketing & PR

“I lead all the marketing, pr related matters and connect with our loyal community”

Built her own blog with 9,000 followers and worked with major brands, e.g. Ritz Carlton

MA Brand Management, Regent’s University London

Molly Cornfield

Content & Copy

“I write, edit, and polish all qiibee's content to communicate a crystal clear message”

Has worked on content for global companies around the world

UCLA alumna

Published on the Cooper Review

Kylie Wyss

Business Development

“I manage brand roll-outs and streamline the roll-out process”

Three years of experience in Private & Capital Markets and Business Development

Former M&A at Credit Suisse

MSc Finance, ESADE Barcelona

Daniel Mittelstadt

Community Management

“I oversee qiibee's community operations, interactions, and efforts”

Has 6 years experience in operation management, 2 of which in the aviation field working with Lufthansa Group, FedEx, UPS and more.

Has been involved in several blockchain based projects since 2016.

Passionate gamer, and has actively lead a 200 members multinational gaming community since 2013.

Amit Shemesh

Community Management

“I keep qiibee’s social community connected and engaged”

Studied front end development at College of Management Academic Studies

Experience managing large network communities

Passion for community engagement and blockchain technology

Excellent advisors and mentors

Alexander Braun

Loyalty Advisor

“I support qiibee from day 1 and will stay for the long run”

Early blockchain adopter, and crypto investor and miner

Acting as qiibee’s direct-marketing & sales expert

Independent business owner

Jean-Paul Saija

Loyalty Advisor

“I grow qiibee further building on my experience and know-how”

Founded his first company at the age of 20 and more than 10 startups after

CEO of dealini.ch, a creative agency with tech focus

Dominic Hofer

Loyalty Advisor

“I work with the qiibee team on the next big idea for loyalty”

Founder and CEO of Loylogic, the global leader in e-payment solutions for loyalty programs

Seasoned loyalty expert with deep expertise and focus

Patrick Schilz

Blockchain Advisor

“I push qiibee with my blockchain knowledge and network”

Worked for String Labs, Block Collider and DFINITY

Helped shape the Crypto Valley ecosystem in Zug


Tom Graham

Blockchain Advisor

“I advise qiibee on tokenization and crypto innovation”

Founded TLDR, a leading crypto advisory firm and hedge fund and other tech companies like CODEC – AI Marketing

LLM Law, Harvard Law School

Tal Cohen

Blockchain Advisor

“I advise qiibee on token economics and token sale”

Blockchain expert, co-founder, and leader of 3 successful tech ventures and a McKinsey strategy consultant

CEO of Compass Blockchain

CEO & Co-founder, Sirin Labs

Industry manager, Google

Yudianto Tri

Loyalty Advisor

“Loyalty on the blockchain will be a game changer in Southeast Asia”

President of the retail association in Indonesia

Serial entrepreneur pushing qiibee in Southeast Asia

Member, chamber of commerce

Oliver Gnehm

Legal Advisor

“I successfully steer qiibee through the legal landscape”

Attorney and partner at Bader Gnehm & Partner since 2009

Expert in blockchain regulation

MSc Decision Sciences from the London School of Economics

David Wachsman

PR Advisor

“I build and maintain qiibee’s reputation in the public”

Founder and CEO of Wachsman, the world’s largest blockchain PR agency

Previously held roles in advertising and political affairs

Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke

Academic Advisor

“I strategize on customer retention and loyalty”

Director Institute of Marketing at the University of St. Gallen

Co-Founder of the Swiss Virtual Business School VBS AG

“Best Practice in Marketing”

Prof. Dr. Winfried Koeniger

Academic Advisor

“I offer economics perspective to complement the business aspects”

Professor of Economics at the University of St. Gallen

PhD in Economics from the European University Institute

Expert in Empirical Economics

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