Spuul started in 2012 and on account that then has been one of the most progressive Video On Demand (VOD) structures in the world. Spuul has over 60 million customers and over 4 million paid subscribers as at the cease of March 2018, and was once the first platform to allow customers and subscribers to down load and watch content offline.

When it was once launched Spuul has furnished a continuous move of Premium India to viewers round the world. Now that enlargement has been carried out outside of Indian content, Spuul plans to send the contents of different principal Asian languages. Language offered, with the exception English, will encompass Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Filipino and others will be delivered later.

To make the platform develop, penetration into most important language and geography, Spuul intends to elevate money through Initial Coin Offering ("ICO").

The token that will be published by way of Spuul will be known as SPOKKZ (pronounced "SPOCKS").

The ICO will have a tough cap of US $ 19.68 million.

Currently Spuul funds content material and then 'sells' subscriptions to its users that they can watch content. Then after Spuul carried out the SPOKKZ blockchain, the Spuul community can immediately pick and fund sure film initiatives via a new wallet aspects that will be activated for all users. The advantage of this funding technique is that Spuul can get exceptional streaming content material to the client base except having to pay for this in increase of the company's running money flow. This is terrific capital saving model, and that allows Spuul to grow and scale of business

How do you get rewarded with SPOKKZ?
When human beings fund the SPOKKZ’s ICO, they get SPOKKZ tokens that enables
them to do the following:
• Help choose and fund a movie and obtain bonus tokens from the SPOKKZ
foundation if the movie does well on Spuul and/or different content
• Use SPOKKZ to subscribe to content material on Spuul,
• Watch a movie,
• Watch advertisements. and
• Exchange SPOKKZ tokens on the change for other cryptocurrencies or
fiat (where possible)

Spuul will leverage its existing ecosystem of
stars, content material producers, publishers, telecommunication networks, and ecommerce carriers to power usage and leverage the need and adoption of the SPOKKZ tokens.
This can be carried out by:

  1. Private Token Issuance - Making it less complicated for content creators to create content material with the aid of getting viewers to pre-fund their production by
    committing upfront to watch that piece of content. For this they get a discount by using the use of tokens.

  2. Community Engagement Rewards – Tokens will be used to encourage the community to grant higher analysis, opinions and ratings. Tokens will also provide an incentive for human beings to share comments and be rewarded for their effort.

  3. Viral Reward Token - Provide incentives for the neighborhood to view content, watch advertisements, share content to both Spuul viewers and non-users and gain from the sharing.

  4. Content Distribution Rewards - Implement the Spuul P2P protocol to allow content sharing between viewers and reward customers for sharing the content.

  5. Secure Token Wallet – To enable all Spuul viewers to be rewarded in Tokens, we will enforce a Zilliqa and an ERC20-based wallet gadget into Spuul’s current wallet. Eventually, the tokens in this wallet will be linked to exchanges that assist our SPOKKZ token and will enable users to purchase and promote SPOKKZ. Benefits to the neighborhood participants: The community members will receive tokens and Spuul and SPOKKZ foundation will trained users on the use of tokens and how the token economy can work to their benefit. With over 60 million users, SPOKKZ will have the of the greatest wallet neighborhood in the world.

Examples of Token Economics

The first layer of the SPOKKZ ecosystem is the advent of the Token and the participation of Spuul’s 60 million current users and subscribers. These users already have a Spuul wallet these days however Spuul will furnish an extra feature to allow customers to subscribe to a Light Wallet or to add their Ethereum pockets tackle to their Spuul wallet. Once this is done, any SPOKKZ token user will be able to work with Spuul’s community and viceversa.

  1. Spuul Community
    As stated earlier, Spuul customers nowadays watch top class Movies and TV content material on the Spuul platform. At the moment, most subscribers pay somewhere between $2 and $30 relying on their subscription plans and the type of content they select. Spuul generates subscription revenues of round $14m at the moment. After tokenization, Spuul subscribers will get SPOKKZ in return for their monthly subscription fee. Spuul will furnish tokens for the subscription costs and use the money to further buy tokens from the exchange. As subscribers watch content, the SPOKKZ that they have will regularly minimize through utilization until it is exhausted.
    This will require them to re-subscribe to the provider thereby restarting the subscription cycle. This will make sure that there is constant demand for the SPOKKZ and customers will continuously be topped up with SPOKKZ.

  2. Movies & TV Shows
    Upon the launch of the first batch of Tokens to the Spuul financial system and early token funders, the SPOKKZ tokens will be used to fund our first 2 film projects. The film producer will be required to in part fund his movie. SPOKKZ will Airdrop a widespread number of tokens into the undertaking (tentative really worth US$500,000-2 million) and take a proportion stake in the productions.
    The Spuul neighborhood and buyers will be able to participate in the funding of the Movie by pre-purchasing film tickets using SPOKKZ at a considerably discounted rate. These first few Movies or TV Shows will no longer be produced from floor zero however will be productions that are already underway but have not been completed. This will limit the initial time between funding and staring at the content material for initial funders. The combination of the Airdrop and the pre-purchased tickets will grant the Movie Producer with SPOKKZ which he will then promote on the change to generate the money required to whole the Movie. In alternate for the Airdrop, Spuul will acquire a proportion possession of the content material rights and will monetise this over the lifetime of the movie. As the income flows lower back to Spuul, Spuul will use this to similarly fund operations and fund greater content.

Token Model
Spuul will generate a total of 1 billion SPOKKZ. The minimal raise will be $5
million and the hard cap is $19.68 million and the tokens will be allotted in
the following manner:

Token Sale and Bonus Structure

Use of Proceeds
The dollars raised via the issuance of the tokens are meant to fund projects for the eco system. We estimate that Marketing, Legal, Tax and Risk Advisory charges and other disbursements charges payable by us (‘Expenses’) in relation to the ICO will be about US$1.57 million.


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