The blockchain technology has brought massive development to different industries of the world and gaming sector is not an exception. Before the discovery of this revolutionary blockchain technology, many sectors of the society are highly centralized through intermediaries and various authorities. In the banking sector, for you to send fund from one person to another in the different part of the world, it will have to go through various authorities and intermediaries who later cause delay and increase in transaction fees. This blockchain technology made it possible for you to track your payments and transaction in different from any part of the world. The gaming industry is faced with a highly centralized system that needs to be decentralized with the blockchain technology. A blockchain project called Tedchain has developed a platform to resolve all the pending challenges faced in the current gaming industry.


The Tedchain is a blockchain based gaming ecosystem that is out to solve all the issues faced by the traditional gaming industry. This is executed through the smart contract based on blockchain technology. The Tedchain is overhauling the entire gaming ecosystem through the innovative blockchain technology. The platform has something to offers all the participants in the gaming industry. This ranges from the advertisers, gamers, and publishers in the gaming industry. In short, the platform is decentralized to offers a fantastic gaming experience through the innovative blockchain technology. The platform reward participation on their platform with the token that is utilized on the platform called TED.


• The TEDCHAIN’s is an innovative platform based on blockchain technology that allows the users to earn TED token by participating on the platform. This token can be traded or converted to fiat when they like.

• The platform can develop games or allow publishers or users to showcase their work. The Tedchain token is a blockchain based token which makes it compatible for trading and others crypto assets management.

• This is a platform where the gamers can meet and enjoy their best games

• Ease of use of the Tedchain platform and mobile applications. The players will be able to access their favorite games and transact in real time.


The Tedchain is a blockchain based platform that allows secure and efficient participation of games in the ecosystem while they earn in the process:

• TED P2P Network: The platform is a peer-to-peer network based. The P2P system allows seamless operation of the gaming platform.

• Consensus Protocol: This protocol allows the reward for the participation of different gamers on the platform. The activities of the games are rewarded with the TED token.

• The TED Token: This is used on the platform for transaction and rewards. The publishers, gamers and others users of the platform will be able to utilize this token for various operations.


The platform is a decentralized gaming platform that rewards the participation of gamers with their TED token. The platform comprises of the gamers, publishers and others users. And the features that make this platform supers are listed below:

• The Voting system of Tedchain

• Mobile Application

• And Tedchain game publishing


The TED Token will be utilized for voting, rewards and all the transactions done on this innovative Tedchain platform. You can purchase this token on exchanges or through the platform website. The TED token is a blockchain based type which can be traded and used globally.

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Ticker: TED

Price: 1 TED = $0.01

Total Supply: 700,000,000 TED

Soft Cap: $3,500,000

Hard Cap: $21,500,000


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Tedchain is a decentralized gaming platform that will reward the games for their participation with the TED token while offering a fantastic platform for all users. The TED token will be used for all voting system and reward on the TEDchain platform. This is an innovative gaming platform that will forever change the gaming industry.

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