In the world there is a large number of charitable funds. Many of them perform important functions, helping people from all over the world. People donate large sums to charitable funds, because there is the need to help the weak and those who need help in most people.

Charity is in demand and there is a huge number of people who need money. The problem of many existing charitable foundations is that their activities are not very transparent. People, transferring money to charity, do not know where they will go. Often the reports of charity funds are extremely complex and confusing. People do not understand where the money, which they donated to charity, goes.

This undermines public confidence in charity funds. If a person is not sure that his money does not go to good ends, people lose faith and stop investing in charity.

Nevertheless, the need for charity in the world is only growing. There are countries where the war is going on. A huge number of people are deprived of their homes, forced to flee from wars, famine, epidemics. Regularly in the world there are natural disasters, as a result of which people lose everything.

Often charitable organizations are of a local nature. Their sphere of activity is extremely limited.

Cryptocurrency is able to solve many of the world's existing problems and erase boundaries. After all, there is a huge property division in the world: there are rich and poor countries. Now people who have money and who want to help can most effectively provide assistance, which will be divided to those who need it.

Thanks to cryptocurrencies, charity will become really anonymous and contributors do not need to inform names.

The Pixel Charity user can make any amount. It will be convertible into the PXL cryptocurrency at the rate of 1PXL = 1USD and placed in the bank. The interest increased on the deposit will be passed to the fund with a reliable reputation. The user at any time can withdraw his deposit and exchange it back at a rate of 1PXL = 1USD. PXL is a stable coin that is pegged to the US dollar. Token holders are also charged commission on tokens at a rate of 10%.

Investing in charity, in fact, the user does not lose anything. The PXL rate is always tied to the US dollar. At any time, the user can return his money. Only the profit from placing deposits in the bank goes to charity. Since the money is stored in the bank, users will be aware of how much money goes to charity and to which organizations. Everything will be transparent. The PXL exchange rate is provided by the real money of users who are in the bank. Therefore, it is stable.

Now The Pixel Charity ICO is going. There are 18 days left to finish it. It have already collected more than 1.5 million US dollars. At the moment, the Pixel Charity tokens can be purchased with a 20% discount. Pixel Charity cooperates with various charitable organizations. Their names are placed on the project's website. A beta version of the Pixel Charity platform has already been released. In September, the release of a wallet is planned. The final release of the Pixel Charity platform is scheduled for January, 2019.