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The first known cryptocurrency that was the talk of the whole world in 2009 was Bitcoin. This has offered others fantastic cryptocurrencies project the opportunity to come with a token that can solve one or two problems in different sectors of the world. This tokens or coin are usually called Altcoins and include Etherium, Dash, Ripple and others tokens in the crypto market. The growth of cryptocurrency projects calls for a marketplace where they can be bought or traded called exchanges. The Digital currency exchanges are online platform investors, or traders can exchange or convert one digital currency to another and fiat in some advanced platforms. The exchanges can be classified into centralized and decentralized types. The Centralized exchanges are the cryptocurrency platform that uses intermediaries to execute transactions, which leads to few challenges like the cyber threat and high cost of transaction fees. This has inhibit the massive adoption and development of different cryptocurrency project in the digital currency market. To solve these problems, Atomic wallet is a blockchain based decentralized exchanges that are bent on addressing the various issues faced currently in the centralized exchanges globally.

The Atomic wallet is a blockchain based decentralized exchange. This platform is integrated with unusual features that makes it great for traders and investors. The few of the attributes of the Atomic wallet include integrated exchanges and Atomic swap that makes the platform transaction fast. The team of the platform is working hard to provide extra security for the crypto assets of the users of the platform and others a feature that makes trading and transaction swift. The wallets utilized o the platform is available for the Mac and window users. The mobile features will be released very soon with amazing features that makes trading easy. The users of the platform will be able to manage all ERC20 based tokens and several others cryptocurrency in the market. The other unusual features of the Atomic wallets are listed below:

  1. Management of Digital Assets: The Atomic wallet offers the users of the platform different elements that make the management of various digital currency assets efficient. The users will be able to generate wallet that they can manage their crypto assets, store their private keys and be able to import assets to a new wallet using private keys created.

  2. Integrated Exchanges: The platform also comes with different exchanges to make the trading stress free. Few of those exchanges are listed below;

a. Fiat options: The do not touch option on the platform will not allow fiat truncations to be done automatically. This is available to client managing organizations.

b. Changelly: This is a cryptocurrency exchange with millions of users globally. This will serve as an intermediary between the exchanges and users to provide fantastic trading rates.

c. Shapeshift: This exchange allows you to swap digital currency efficiently in few seconds.

  1. The Atomic SDK: This will enable developers to access current market needs and create a user-friendly interface in no time.

  2. Distributed order book (DOB): This represents the buying and selling orders in a particular financial organization categorized by price.

  3. Fraud Protection: The Atomic Swap teams are working daily to make sure any fraudulent transaction carried out on the platform is blacklisted from the platform. This makes the platform secure for both investors and traders globally.


The token utilized on the platform is an ERC20 based type running on blockchain technology. This will be used for different payment on the Atomic Wallet Platform. The listing fee is always paid for any currency to get listed on the Atomic wallet and the AWC token will be used for such fees. The wallet token can also be used for the promotion of GUI (Graphical User Interface).


Symbol: AWC

Type: ERC20 Token

Full name: Atomic Wallet Coin

Decimals: 8

Total Supply: 100,000,000 AWC

Tokens for Private Sale: 35,000,000 AWC

Price: 0.3 USD

Tokens for Public Sale: 30,000,000 AWC

Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD

Hard Cap: 22,500,000 USD

Contract Address: 0xad22f63404f7305e4713ccbd4f296f34770513f4

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The Atomic wallet offers asset management tool for all forms of a crypto asset. This offers effective security and interface to make all cryptocurrency trading perfect. The users of the different products offered by Atomic wallet will be able to generate wallet they can receive digital asset with and import old wallet with their private key. All of these features make it a fantastic crypto asset management tools for investors and traders globally. For more information about this platform, visit the links below:


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