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About MibCoin

MIB remains for Mobile Integrated Blockchain, which remains for Mobile Integrated Blockchain.MIB coins are convention compose coins that work versatile based environments, yet they can be planned and connected for the biological system other than a portable. In any case, there are two reasons why MIB coins constrain their utilization to versatile based environments. The primary reason was to think about the irregularity in control request and supply to society and industry by mining. Second, it is consummately conceivable to work and grow the entire blockchain biological community through the portable condition.

MIB Coin is a new SmartX blockchain platform that gives everybody the ability to get involved with mining through smartphones. Also, to make it easy for people to connect with businesses in a much easier way. MIB has focused on the fundamental solution of maintaining an agile and sustained blockchain network with continuity in the long term, to expand features like a robust platform, and to distribute and maintain nodes with a low cost. With ‘Smart Mining’, it reduces the power consumption by about 15,000% compared to the existing method by significantly lowering the high power consumption, which is a critical issue in mining. Therefore, it reduces the cost of maintaining the blockchain and the social cost.

How MIB Works?

MIB coin cannot mine existing ASIC and GPU methods. It is lonesome approachable on the subject of the subject of smartphones. Benchmark your smartphone and allocate a hash rate.MIB is intended consequently that your smartphone is practiced to withstand the computational complexity required for mining and guard your smartphone against overheating and damaging the hardware.

It's realizable later than one smartphone. Reduced knack by 99.24% compared to existing mining machines. Anyone can mine taking into account a smartphone.

MIB SmartX Blockchain Platform Structure

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Vision of MIB

We have introduced the mobile mining concept into the blockchain and developed an environment following the minimum child maintenance cost for a blockchain network.MIB slant is to press on into diverse businesses later the SmartX blockchain platform built for mobile devices. Together later than the optimization of decentralized technology, MIB will be at the middle of connecting once meaningful businesses in the valid world even if creating an auxiliary world of opportunities. Anyone can make an extra blockchain issue in MIB and such an upheaval will association in imitation of subsidiary businesses to form option subsidiary ecosystem.

SmartX will be newly defined as an modern accomplishment psychiatry in the existing cryptocurrency publicize and will become a platform for the motivating of a supplementary ecosystem. Efforts to resolve the high-cost hardship of existing blockchain networks

Develop a low-cost platform as well as than agility, sustainability and continuity Building a mobile-based ecosystem.

MIB Allocation

50% of MIB Coin is allocated as Smart Mining and is easy to obtain your hands on to anyone easily.
27.51% of MIB Coin is used for the money and paperwork of the MIB network ecosystem. More specifically, 11.67% for Reserve and 15.84% for Extra Marketing.
22.49% of MIB Coin is distributed to MIB Pre-Sales, ICO, and the stakeholders. More specifically, 5.83% for Pre-Sales, 8.33% for ICO, 3.33% for the investors, 3.33% for the advisors, and 1.67% for the team are distributed.

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Use of Proceeds

35% will be kept in capital reserves
35% will be used for technology development of SmartX Blockchain, Smart Contract, DAPP, token platform, connected platform, and security.
10% will be used for the operational cost of marketing, accounting, legal and regulatory purposes
10% will be used for MIB’s global marketing, social media, and branding
10% will be used to establish strategic partners, offices, and business development around the world.

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MIB Blockchain Network Architecture

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Token name: MIB

Platform: SmartX Blockchain

Token price: 1 ETH = 1200 MIB

Total supply: 600,000,000 MIB

Public ICO: Jul 20, 2018, ~ Aug 10, 2018


2017 Q3

CONZBY: Developing a cryptocurrency trading engine and an exclusive miner’s sales menu

Designing the initial concept of SmartX Blockchain platform (SBP)

Planning the SBP project and researching on technical aspects

2017 Q4

Building a team for MIB coin project (based on SBP) and completing the concept

Publishing a white paper

2018 Q1

MIB coin official website Reinforcing the manpower of the team

Performing pre-sales

Advancing the development of SBP

2018 Q2

MIB coin ICO

Advancing the development of SBP

Smart Mining Android & iOS beta test

2018 Q3

Releasing the main network

Announcing mining pool clients

Smart Mining Application

Announcing smart mining application

Starting MIB coin mining

Supporting a master node community

CtoC trading service

Coin send & money transfer

2018 Q4

Setting up and advancing the SBP R&D center

Opening a platform development center for expanding the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Supporting the issuance of a functional token and investing in technology

PayGate Service

2019 Q1

Increasing availability through the MIB Coin partnership expansion

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