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The Paygine is a blockchain based financial solution platform that allows the individual and companies to make easy and fast digital transactions. The platform aims to make the general populace and business adopt the digital currency in their daily transaction. This is a form of peer to peer platform without any form of intermediary. What the digital currency has brought to many industries is transparency and secures transaction in every industry transactions. The digital currency is done a ledger which eliminates all form of intermediaries in the process of a transaction and allows the secure transaction. This digital currency has been massively adopted by many industries of the world which draw the attention of many investors from the different part of the world. Though many investors are already investing into the crypto market but few parts of the world population are still in doubt has to how the digital currency operates and how they can use it for daily transactions.


  1. How possible can the blockchain technology be applied in many industries of the world?
  2. How likely can the digital currency be used for daily transaction and payment of goods and services?
  3. Can I access my crypto asset in a secure wallet on my smartphone and website platform?
  4. Can I perform a transaction with my crypto asset at the minimum transaction cost possible?
  5. Can I use my device to easily transfer fund to anyone in the world without any restrictions or government regulations?
    These are the question which Paygine platform can only answer.


The Paygine is a blockchain compliance project that will allow digital currency solution for individuals and companies. This platform helps decentralize the banking system and enable easy adoption of the digital currency globally. The platform will be offering services that will allow their users to exchanges their various cryptocurrencies to fiat and secure virtual wallet. Below are the features that make this platform amazing:
• Fast Transaction: The exchange provided by this innovative platform will perform transactions in seconds. No matter the distance you are sending your fund globally, it will be executed under a few seconds.
• Intermediaries: The paygine platform eliminates intermediaries in the process of their transactions. This is possible with the use of the blockchain technology.
• Global Transaction: This platform can be used from everywhere in the world.
• Decentralized Services: The platform offers fantastic services that are not regulated by any authorities and organization.
• Transparent Operation: The encryption provided by this platform will allow secure storage of investor crypto assets.

The digital currency has not yet been massively adopted as expected and used for most of the transactions in the world. The Paygine platform is out to solve this type of challenges faced in the cryptocurrency market. The paygine platform will provide a virtual wallet that will allow the secure exchange of different digital currencies and be used to buy goods and services from different parts of the globe.

Below is the various advantages the investors and users will get from the platform:

  1. The users of the platform will be able to convert their fiats to digital currency easily
  2. They can carry out their transactions from different parts of the globe.
  3. The option of using digital currency in brick and mortar stores in the different part of the world

The PGC will be utilized for all the transactions on the platform. The token will be used for all transaction and buying of goods and services on the platform. The token is a blockchain based type and can be bought during the Initial coin offering stage.
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Token: PGC
Blockchain: Ethereum, ERC20

The team involves in this project have decades of experience in blockchain technology and banking industry.
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Paygine is an innovative blockchain platform that offers digital currency service to individual and business. This will allow fast and transparent operation. The Paygine platform is going to make the use of digital currency for daily transactions for companies and individual easy and quick.
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