What is Minerva? Minerva is the interface that was built on the Etheruem Blockchain and its main purpose is to help resolve major crypto currency issues, and to provide business partnerships with incentive payment solutions. Minerva (OWL) is a platform and cryptocurrency that provides additional revenue streams to merchants who accept their tokens as a payment method. Its main sign is the owl of Minerva and ERC20 tokens.
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The company’s main goal is to provide highly effective trading strategies for all its members so that they can get a good return on their investments. Minerva is also the first reverse merchant processor in the world, which allows you to cope with the problem of taking cryptocurrency by introducing incentive payment solutions that prevent trade from accelerating the adoption of crypto and intelligent mainstream. Of course, Minerva as a result, to cope with the problem of using the digital currency in the future.

Watch introduction video here: https://youtu.be/LaV-MsrWrVA

What does MINERVA have to offer ? 
Minerva implementation of blockchain technology i.e with a smart contract to help overcome the problem of changes in the price of excessive, changing the way, the business approach is crypto. By bridging the gap between business and the client. We seek to show short-term fluctuations, which are less stringent, through the proof of the transaction and provide payment incentive systems to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency and intellectual mainstream. Minerva pays a commission for the transaction in business and does not take. Asides the tech aspect, Minerva provides an opportunity for investors to develop this project. Minerva will hold a sales Crowdsale Token minerva (OWL) with total sales to be achieved that is 100,000,000 OWL . OWL token purchase will be done with Ethereum. Sales Token will be divided into two stages: Pre-sale Stage and ICO Stage , Regarding token sales time and bonus that will get will be updated soon. Minerva is Currency Digital, which will take effect with crypto later. But looking at bitcoin and also taking another look at minerva, what is the difference? The key differences between Minerva and Bitcoin is that Minerva is designed to reward platforms that accept their OWL token with reverse transaction rates as well as address the challenges of widespread crypto-currency adoption. Minerva is a platform and your OWL token is your currency. In addition to being a crypto-currency, we are the world’s first reverse merchant processor.
Where Minerva will be used
Minerva will be used on platforms that are carefully selected, subject to audit approval and strict transparency. It is not possible, we will consider parterning with any platform with> 15,000 Alexa rankings.

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About token sale and distribution
Token sale information has been emphasized about. Now moving to the distribution, The crowdsale tokens are shared between several factions. 70% token will be distributed among crowdsale participants. 10% will be distributed among the founding team and advisers. 10% will be reserved for long-term operational costs and new advances. 5% will be reserved for distribution to a new partnership in the form of signing bonuses. The remaining 5% will be reserved and shared between the promotional gift and the diligent bug bug program. 
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Useful links:
WEB SITE : https://minerva.com/
TWITTER : https://twitter.com/minervatoken
WHITE PAPER : https://minerva.com/whitepaper.pdf
TELEGRAM : https://t.me/minervachat
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/MinervaToken/
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