So far in the world of crypto, there have been several developments , blockchain tech integration, and the likes but in this instance, is a whole new concept. Which brings me down to STK. what is STK? STK is a platform with a technology bringing about payment at the point of sale with a mobile app. Incase you didnt get that well, it means having a cryptocurrency transaction at the real-time point of sale with a mobile app!. I know you’re eager to know all it entails. Ok here we go.
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STACK is a new personal finance platform with the basis that all funds should be easily accessible since its yours. This is what brought about the whole concept of stack. STACK serves as an alternative to traditional banking that allows you to store your money safely, access it instantly and transact with it anywhere. When i say store your money and access it, cryptocurrency is also included. as said earlier, with STK, you can access your money anywhere down to the point of sale where you can just make a quick transaction on your mobile phone. The STK Token is part of a global solution to facilitate unlimited transactions. To make instant payments at the point of sale of a blockchain wallet requires that we exchange real-time exchange of cryptocurrencies into fiat. The STK Token provides access to state channels to ensure there is sufficient crypto (ie Bitcoin, Ether) in digital purses and for users who spend money at the point of sale will complete the purchase of their cardiac crypto assets.

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State channel? State channel are technique for conduction an off-chain transactions holding to same security guaranties to online chain operations, its gives the opportunity to conduct BlockChain interactions same as On-Chain ,with two or participants in a state chain channel may exchange large amount transactions between one another instantly with an On-Chain operational at a closed of the channel
For users of STACK Wallets to trade in real time,the STACK solution will be inter granted digital into multi-currency wallet,which can be accessed with STACK Token .The token can be used to pay for operational cost for setting up the state channel. This is due to value changes of token and it is calculated base on gas prices on Etherum.

The user loads STK token into the STACK mobile wallet,and authorizes the creation of State Channel with the STK platform.
User’s of device and STACK save local copy of the current state of the channel. This requires an on-chain operation.
When the user initiates a point of sale transaction using STACK, they receive a visual prompt in the STACK wallet showing the value of the transaction, similar to using traditional tap-to-pay mobile applications.
The user authorizes a transaction to send the equivalent cryptocurrency to the STK platform and the user authorizes a transaction by sending the equivalent cryptocurrency to the STK platform. STK platform receives the signed transaction, counter-signs and stores a copy of that new state off-chain. STK then authorizes its local currency account to pay the requested purchase through its global payment network rails on behalf of the user. Because the transaction occurs off-chain, there is virtually no delay except for a small amount of computation time and network latency.
State Channel is open, no fees for conducting any number of transactions between the user

When user wants to retrieve all or part of their STK token in the channel that has not been sent to STK, this can be done by withdrawing their funds. The user signs and publishes a withdrawal request, this requires an on-chain operation. It is possible to make partial withdrawals, so the user is always secure in being able retrieve his or her ether while still keeping the channel open for future transactions with the STK network.
Closing: To close a State Channel, one of the parties signs and publishes a close request to the State Channel. This initiates a period during which either party can submit their most recent transactions, which determines the final state.

Pre-sale Begins: October 11, 2017 
Pre-sale expires: October 24, 2017 
Sell ​​Start: October 25, 2017 
Sales End: November 3, 2017
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