The DOVU Platform consists of DOVU Protocol (DOVU protocol), DOV (Market Value) developed by DOVU (first DAP) (Payments within platform) and DOVU API Market Value (detailed data exchange) from the following components.
The DOVU Protocol facilitates the development of open source and mobility-related DAPPs. Based on the Ethereum, the DOV specifier is used for operations in these dApps.
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Ever since the start of the internet, the world has been continuously changing. Lifes of individuals and companies depend now on this complex network - so, one may say, that data is transforming the world. The way we live, the way we do business and even the way we travel - data does not know borders. However, traditional companies all across the planet have started to restrict the flow of data - and the effect of this is felt by all of us, in different aspects of our existence and business activities.

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DOVU project introduce a transportation protocol to accelerate the development of mobility-related decentralised applications. Recently, mobility sectors was lack of innovations, because there is a lot of limitations as a side of the market inefficiencies. As an individual, there is no reward to contribute into the ecosystem. And this is the main purposed from DOVU platform.
How is it able to reach its vision? By developing and implementing a protocol centered around transportation, to be used by businesses in this sector. Dovu wants to motivate the development of mobility-related decentralized applications (called dApps), using the DOV tokens. This app we just mentioned will be created and powered by data — Moreover, a special marketplace will be created to support the global community around it.
This ecosystem contains different levels or parts — the Dovu protocol (that permits data interchange and attribution of value), the Dov token (to be used, like any other token, for payment within the platform) and the Dovu API marketplace. The protocol we mentioned is open source and permits the development of mobility-related applications (or, how they are officially called, dApps). Nonetheless, the Dov token will be used for transactions, within these dApps.
The Ethereum Blockchain provides the means of value exchange through DOV tokens and maintains the functioning of the Smart Contract infrastructure. Just in most markets, in Dovu you will find owners of data, providers of data (organizations or individuals) and consumers of data (these could be the developers, for example).
One may ask himself: How can all this be trusted? It is a justified question, that deserves some straightforward answers.
Dovu is well connected to the transport sector
This spring, it received funding from Jaguar Land Rover investment arm and funds backed by the UK government
It has a strong team of advisers
It has access to relevant professional industry networks
It is well positioned
It addresses current issues like lack of trust or fear of the competition (in companies in transportation), non-compatible data, non-uniform quality — and offers tangible solutions. It offers the chance for trust and smart contracts, benefits for developers and API management, quality and tokens and creates a safe environment for the marketplace.
More about the Dovu ecosystem
Dovu creates interaction between multiple components - on top of the pyramid you may imagine the consumer. In the middle, the Dovu system itself. At the base of the pyramid, the connected vehicle (on one side) and the marketplace (along with other future apps). So, between the base, the top and the center of this pyramid, the Dovu protocol and coin come in the equation.

In this way, be being part of Dovu, everybody will be fairly rewarded for their contribution to the mobility ecosystem.

Irwin Watkins (Founder and CEO)
• Arwen Smit (Co-Founder and CMO)
• Krasina Mileva (Co-Founder and COO)
• Alex Morris (Head of Product)
• Tom Holder (CTO
Advisory Board: Lars Klawitter (General Manager Rolls Royce Bespoke, Former Board of Directors Ethereum)
Rob Jones (Co-founder FanDuel, a billion-dollar business)
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