Since the first digital currency called Bitcoin was invented in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has been growing. The digital currency has changed the way transaction is done by providing secure and transparent transfer of currency from one person to another. And most of these cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain technology which is changing the centralized way of operating in most industries to decentralize. This will give investors more control over their asset on when to sell without delay or others restrictions. This will be possible with the blockchain technology, and that is what KuBitX exchange is based on. These cryptocurrencies need different marketplace called exchanges where they can be traded with fiats and others cryptocurrencies. Though we have different cryptocurrencies exchanges today, they have not been able to adequately cater for all the need of investors and traders all around the world. KuBitX will not only be about trading but offer orientation about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the developing nations. The platform will strive to reach the different citizens of most developing countries and educate them about the potential of Blockchain technology.

This is an innovative centralized exchange built on blockchain technology. KuBitX is providing a secure and user-friendly trading platform. The exchange includes different features that make it outstanding:
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• Speed: Most exchanges execute millions of transactions in minutes. But KuBitX will be using a transaction fee that put it above its competitors.

• Fiat Transactions: The KuBitX exchange has some partnership with most financial provider’s services that makes fiat transaction stress free.

• Excellent Customer Support: The exchanges will offer its customers excellent customer support during trading and when needed.

• User-friendly platform: The web interface of the platform will be user-friendly for both amateur and professional traders. The platform will offer the users a simple interface where al trading can be done. This will allow beginner and professional traders to find the platform unusual.

• Multi-Language Integration: The exchange is global in its services. This is made possible by multiple language integration that makes it suitable for people from different part of the world. This deal will language barrier experienced by most exchanges.

• A SAFE Platform: The main issue faced in the cryptocurrency market is security. The platform will put in place safe verification system that will enable traders and users to have a fantastic experience.

• Blockchain Based Platform: This is an exchange based on blockchain technology.

• Education: The world needs proper orientation about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The KuBitX platform will focus on workshop and seminars that will educate the developing nation about the usefulness of blockchain technology. Africa is one of the continents that have not fully adopted the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

• Transaction Fee: The exchange is offering you one of the best charges for all transaction and even lowers when using the platform token. You will be charged 0.05% when using the exchange.

This exchange is not only for trading different cryptocurrency but to spread the massive adoption of then blockchain technology in developing countries of the world.


KUBITX (KBX) is the token that will be used on the platform for all transactions. This is a blockchain based type of token. This will allow for most transactions and will allow the users to withdraw their fiat easily. The reward on the platform can also be limed with this token.


Token: KBX

Type - ERC20

Total supply: 500,000,000.00KBX

Accepted currency: ETH


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KUBITX is a blockchain based exchanges that have been developed to adopt the innovative blockchain technology in the developing countries of the world. The platform will be offering education and partnering with the financial institution to allow for the massive adoption of the digital currency globally. This will be one platform that will allow the developing nations and the world adopts the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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