What is ingot??

INGOT is one initiative that can bring a revolutionary approach to blocking access to key financial markets.

The economy consists of investment vehicles and financial companies that exist both in traditional and traditional blocks of investment in a new era of block-chain business.

INGOT COIN is a unique, cumulative ecosystem that combines everything you need to store, manage and transport encryption and existing assets. INGOT COIN, which is managed by intelligent contract and decentralized technology protocol, sets the IC digital bank as an integrated electronic wallet, providing entry and exit points and storage points for both calls. Fiat and password. In addition, ecosystems, combined with digital exchange and brokerage capabilities, allow users to easily exchange electronic money with existing assets such as stocks, commodities and other currencies. The second part of the IC solution is the IC Accelerator, and the IC certifier provides training, certification, ranking, consultation and other services for the TOKEN economy.

The IC will be gadgets and secure TOEKN. IC will change the way we look at the financial and trading industries by creating innovative ways to connect the encryption market with the traditional financial sector. The spread of block chain technology we see in the world is revolutionizing many industries including the financial industry. Using this exponential growth technology, in addition to the area of ​​expertise and endeavor of the group, the way to recognize the financial and commercial sector from bank to intermediary is innovative. chemistry

The platform will also have the same concept as a wallet that includes digital IC banks, intermediary ICs, ICO IC accelerators, IC exchanges, IC encryption certifications. Together, they will be service providers for this platform.

In order to provide effective services, TGE operates up to US $ 90 million. However, at least $ 37 million is required for the core development of the project and ensures continuous development along the value chain.

Their crowd will be phased in on May 1, 2018 and ending on June 30, 2018, and a major semi-final stage will also begin. It ends on July 1, 2018, and on August 11, 2018.

Fund allocation and TOKEN


Q3: 2017:

Explore the current financial sector threats. Identifying the problems of ineffective management, which is not transparent, raises the limits of fundraising and liquidity.

Q4 2017:

Analysis of the extensive use of block chain technology

Working too hard to find a unique solution will provide a complete solution for all financial sector stakeholders.

Q1 2018:

Business Model and Financial Feasibility Study

Complete a fully integrated business model that integrates digital banking solutions, electronic wallet, brokerage and exchange functions, and provides encryption certificates and ICO acceleration capabilities.

Q2 2018:

Analysis of mechanisms to provide a complete ecosystem for the implementation of all regulatory, stakeholder and market participants in the financial sector.

Released bounty program

A detailed bonus program has been launched to raise awareness of this innovative ecosystem from multiple media.

Q3 2018:

ICs can be sold for a limited time.

Q4 2014:

IC Wallet Live

Wallets with the highest security standards provide fast and smooth delivery services. This wallet can hold a variety of content from currency to currency before encryption with existing assets.

Q2 2019:

IC Digital Bank is open to business.

A fully licensed bank will provide a variety of financial services such as current account, electronic payment, fund management and parenting tax.

Q3 2019:

Complete ecosystem components

INGOT completes the solution for all market participants by adding the following integrated components:

IC brokers

We offer a wide range of financial products, including currency currencies, stocks, bonds, commodities and ETFs, while maintaining high liquidity and efficiency.

IC trading and IC liquidity pool

The IC owner not only has the opportunity to list new ICO coins on the IC Exchange, but also has the opportunity to trade encrypted currencies. Electronic money transactions are against other currencies, currency currencies and traditional financial instruments with liquidity in liquidity.

IC password authenticator

INGOT intends to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to develop block-chain technology, understand the cryptographic market, and be globally recognized.

IC ICO Accelerator

Provide a one-stop shop where entrepreneurs can unveil ICO to finance in a non-traditional way. These components provide legal services, marketing, finance, public relations and other services to increase the success of potential ICO.

Q4 2019:

INGOT proclaims second ICO round to raise money for digital deals

Q1 2020:

Planning digital goods INGOT.

A safe and modern user-friendly exchange platform provides a variety of solutions and methods to facilitate the merchandising transaction process.


Digital commodity exchange release

Demonstrate a smart contract solution to increase traceability and reliability in physical transactions of items such as wheat, corn, soybeans or other agricultural products.


According to the official LinkedIn website, there are 11 people working at INGOT Coin. The company website has 22 team members. Most of the team members previously worked for INGOT group companies such as SIGMA Investments LTD and INGOT Brokers. However, there is no information on the performance of these companies. Most core team members have business background and previous financial experience. But none of them have a technical background. The CEO has no prior experience with the financial industry. There are no CTOs in the project. According to the current website, there are only two technical experts in this group.

The unique ecosystem provided by INGOT Coin allows you to manipulate both existing attributes and passwords. In other words, both electronic money and currency calls can be transferred, managed and stored, all in a distributed system and smart contract.

Please refer to the project information below.

Website: https://www.ingotcoin.io/

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3581009

White Paper: https://www.ingotcoin.io/documents/en/white-paper. pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICOINGOT

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ICOINGOT/

Telegram: https://t.me/INGOTCoin