Electroneum is a blockchain itself different from the new crypto currency that mostly uses smart contract ethereum blockchain. Electroneum has become a crypto for mobile phones. It will provide the real feeling of money that some other crypt does not provide. The whole system is mobile so that you can easily use your currency via mobile wallets and so easily exchange assets wherever they are. The whole objective of the project is to bring the crypto world closer to the people to whom it is located, targeting mobile phone users, whose number is huge, thus spreading awareness of crypto currencies and their use. Electroneum is a revolution that consists in the ease of use and availability of digital currency for each person. Electroneum gives you the experience of mining cryptocurency with ease even without the knowledge and the slightest experience only from your mobile device. Elctroneum was made for about 2 billion smartphone users worldwide.
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Electroneum is more like a cellular applicant used to mine cryptocurency. Applications that can be installed on your mobile device (smart phone)quite easily. P.S: You can install Electroneum on your smart phones through Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (Apple).

It is direct, clear, customer — agreeable and successfully usable in nature.
It gives full security by offering detached wallets.
It holds a specialist gathering of draftsmen and fashioners with colossal experience and accomplishment record.
It focuses on the convenience of the customers by allowing separating of essential QR code.
It ensures unlikable trades and untraceable portions.
It needn’t waste time with any one of a kind sort of specific data from the customers.
It moreover does not require any uncommon hardware for the mining of advanced monetary forms like bitcoins (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).
It gives a marvelous difficulty to the computerized cash diggers.
It gives an API joining that supports untouchable portions.
It offers a novel chance to the budgetary experts and besides, gives a couple of discounts to them.
It is as best as bitcoins in the parts of security and speed.
It energizes strange and speedier trades, which ought to be conceivable even in seconds.
It swears off hacking of wallet substance and trade history from unapproved customers.
It holds trade hashes, which can be gotten to easily by the all-inclusive community.
It doesn’t drive any charges for the development of detached wallets.
It licenses mass trade of electroneum coins to the customers’ wallets.
It gives fast potential returns upon the endeavors made by the customers.
It grants the trading of money related models between various amusements and applications.
It guidelines the market of adaptable financial structures.
It offers phenomenal supplies for the mining of computerized types of cash.
It can be worked at a to an extraordinary degree negligible exertion on 3G/4G data.
It impacts the mining to process less requesting with the help of an open — source mining pool programming.

Electroneum discloses and highlights existing problems and draws attention to the widespread shortcomings of mining and cyber security. There is a strong opinion that mining is gradually disappearing for a number of reasons, but Electroneum will be able to provide the opportunity to use a secure protocol, according to Electroneum promises, transactions will be carried out instantly and with higher anonymity than known analogues. See More information here: http://electroneum.com/overview-white-paper.pdf
Electroneum already built a custom Electroneum blockchain that allows us to launch many new, disruptive, technologies and features to the cryptocurrency market.

To realize this application the developer made an effort to make an Electroneum token (ETN) that will be offered or sold to the public openly. The results of the token sales will be used to realize and develop this application so that it can be used by anyone for around the juice of smart phone users worldwide. The circulation will find 21 000 000 000 Electroneum tokens. You can participate in the offer of tokens from 14.9 to 31.10. at an initial price of 150 tokens for $ 1, and this price will gradually decrease as the offer of the token moves away. The final price that will roll will be 100 Electroneum for 1 dollar. You can participate in a token offer at the following link: http://electroneum.com/
Token sale started from September 14, 2017 to October 31, 2017
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Useful links:
Website : http://www.electroneum.com/
Whitepaper : http://electroneum.com/overview-white-paper.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/electroneum
Twitter : https://twitter.com/electroneum
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/electroneum
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