The massive adoption of cryptocurrency has prompt the investment in the different marketplace where it can be sold or traded called exchanges. The different cryptocurrencies projects are now looking for a way to launch their exchanges that will make the trading of their tokens easy. This requires companies or platform that will help them with the launching of such exchanges. The capital needed to execute such exchanges coupled with the main cost of the cryptocurrency project may not be too economical which prompt the need for partnership with exchange services that will reduce the cost required for new companies to launch their exchanges. In an attempt to solve this problem facing new cryptocurrency projects and companies RipaEx is offering affordable exchange services. Ripa exchange is a blockchain based exchange services providing transparent and secure exchanges compatible with different cryptocurrencies projects at an affordable piece. The blockchain technology RipaEx is based on will allow it to come up with open and efficient exchanges for different cryptocurrency projects. The platform wants to help prospective cryptocurrency projects or companies own an exchange tailored explicitly to their token and its use. This will drastically reduce the cost of launching their exchanges while still maintaining transparency of operation in the process.

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RipaEx is offering new cryptocurrencies project the opportunity to open their exchanges. This will allow them to create a decentralized exchange that will be tailored to the functionalities of their token. RipaEx wants to take off the issues faced by new companies in setting their exchanges by allowing them to focus on other productive parts of the company. This will remove all the financial stress or and provide liquidity all exchanges need to function maximally. Ripaex will allow the cryptocurrency projects balance their productivity and the safety of their crypto assets. This is possible with Peatio, a platform that handles all the exchange demands. The application supports different features and can be customized in various languages.


  1. Secured transactions

This will allow the users of the platform to make a secure payment. They will be able to transact and trade different cryptocurrencies from a different part of the world.

  1. A safer wallet

The exchange offer security to the uses fund, which is an essential part of any exchange.

  1. User-friendly interface

The platform offers the users a different interface that makes the trading successful and comfortable. The design is what all the users of the platform need in exchange.

  1. Free exchange tool for the manager

This allows the exchange managers to subscribe to network security and provide excellent support to users.

  1. Secured encryption system

The platform is secured with double verification that protects the trader’s asset on the exchange.

  1. Multi-account Support

The user of the Ripa Exchange can set up different accounts they can use to trade with several tokens.

  1. Liquidity Service Provider

The Ripaex offers the users of the liquidity of the exchange they need during the process of trading. RipaEx is offering a transparent platform that allows users to trade with their device.


You will enjoy these fantastic benefits below when you hold the token used on the Ripaex platform:

• Transparency: The focus of the exchange is to offer transparent operations and security for crypto assets. The open source technology used makes this exchange reliable and secure in all ways.

• Internationalization: Ripaex allows multiple language features. This makes it compatible for most users from every part of the world.

• Fantastic Support: The Ripaex platform has 24 hours support team that will help traders in the process trading.


The RipaEx token that will be used on the platform is called XPX; this can be used for services and advertise on the platform. The RipaEx platform will operate on DPOS protocol, and XPX token will serve the following purposes on the platform:

• This will be used to advertise projects on the platform

• This can be used for services or inventories payment

Token: XPX

Supply: 115,000,000 XPX tokens

Price: 1XPX = 0.12 USD

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The adoption of cryptocurrency has increased the need for a decentralized exchange they can be traded. The Ripa exchange allows the users to trade cryptocurrency safely and transparently. This removes international regulations and offers you a fantastic experience. Ripa Exchange will provide the technology to host different exchanges seamlessly and securely.

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