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Ecoinomic is a financial services platform based on encrypted assets. It provides users with lending, exchange, transfer, financial management functions and integration with online payment services and systems.


This is a completely new project aimed at providing comprehensive financial solutions to investors in the monetary world. This platform intends to do this through the management, exchange, transfer and mutual payment among stakeholders in the cryptography sector. This platform is even for its users, and each member has unlimited access to many of their over-the-top services. Include:

Both secured and unsecured loans are based on money, as well as virtual currency
Long-term and short-term investments in denomination and currency
Strategies to protect volatile cryptoactive asset risk
Financial activities, exchange and management of security assets
Buy products and services that use cryptographic conversions in major electronic markets, such as eBay and Amazon.
Fiat and virtual maps are supported by the cryptoactive properties.
How advanced is this project?

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Although the rapid growth in digital asset value is profitable for investors, it also creates an undesirable situation.To stay in the game, lovers must invest in the latest equipment, expensive property. This would require them to sell their property to cover the cost of new equipment to the mining industry. On the other hand, increasing value makes the keepers keep collecting and selling for higher prices later.

Sell virtual currency in exchange for attracting cash to modernize the equipment just for re-acquisition of digital assets, of course, impossible. This is due to the volatile nature of the industry, where value can drop sharply in a relatively short time, leading to huge losses.

Credit is an option, although not comfortable. Usually the process takes a long time, an extremely unsuitable factor, given the value of time, especially for investors.

At present, donors generally do not accept digital assets as security, except for the ability to receive money from such organizations. In addition, private donors are unreliable for lack of transparency. This leaves a choice on the table, a perfect option, eCoinomic.

This is the only platform that provides digital asset loans as collateral. The use of intellectual property agreements ensures the safety of both cash and collateral. In addition, it ensures the fulfillment of loan commitments.

Main advantages of eCoinic ecosystem:

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  • Multicurrency Support: This platform allows you to use BTC, BCH, ETH, USD, EUR, CHG, JPY and GBP.

  • The payment agent is built to ensure that the transaction will be smooth and fast.

  • Intelligent contracts ensure compliance with security and transparency measures.

  • Real-time mortgage monitoring system.

  • There is a special insurance fund dedicated.

How does the Token work?

eCoinomic Token (CNC) is the ERC20 utility token, based on the Ethereum block. The purpose of the CNC tokens is to pay for services on eCoinomic digital platforms.

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To assess the capabilities of the platform, users must undergo a simple registration process. Then, in the newly created personal account, the user must add the CNC control card to balance to be able to access the selected service. Account balances can be funded in two ways: by transferring CNC cards that were previously acquired to the ICO, as well as buying kriptoobmenah or cards with CNC at a fixed price on the eCoinomic platform.

After the project is launched, the value of the eCoinomic code on the platform will be determined by the market, ie it will be based on the CNC trading price + 20%.
For example, for a $ 10,000 loan, the service fee is $ 60 in CNC milestones. If the price of a CNC token is $ 1, the charge will be 60 CNC. If the price of a CNC token is $ 10, there will be 6 CNC machines.

A wide range of services and the growing popularity of the project will ensure an ongoing need for their cards and revenue across the platform.

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eCoinomic ICO

Code Token — CNC
The total number of tokens provided — 1,379,410,661 CNC
Start date of sale — March 15, 2018
Tokens available in advance sale — 75 million
Token price during pre-sales — 1 CNC = 0.01 USD
ICO begins May 1, 2018
ICO End Date — June 01, 2018
Token included in ICO — 1,028,528,529
Token price in ICO — 1 CNC = 0,05 USD
Soft soft — $ 9,000,000
Hardcap — 35,000,000 USD
Payment method accepted during pre-sales: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, XMR, BTG, ETC, NEO.
ECoinomic Token
The company will issue its own currency, the eCoinomic (CNC) token, based on the ERC-20 standard, which will become the only means of paying service fees on the platform.

After creation, the CNC token will be distributed as follows:

Pre-sale and ICO — 80%
Founder and partner — 14%
Advisor — 6%
All unsold cards will be burned after the ICO.


eCoinomic is another ICO related to loans, financial investments and currency management for the time being, just like making a slice of bread in the market. Investors can simply ignore this, because there are many other options.

This does not detract from the value proposition of eCoinomic. When considered a separate product, this platform itself is good and fun, offering a set of functions with great value that can not be transferred to crypto investors. Finally, this is a good project for the ability to consider and diversify capital.

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