What is TraXion?
TraXion is building an ecosystem where everybody can work together for the common good by enforcing data integrity, accountability, transparency and trust. It aims to be a better bank in a blockchain-driven environment, enabling its community to load, send, save, spend, lend, borrow, and more using a secured, simplified yet compliant application. It is using the latest IBM Hyperledger Fabric technology, they provide seamless integration and connectivity among networks, businesses and people. The Traxion team have an average combined experience of 20+ years in various industries from business development and entrepreneurship, to cyber security, financial technology, and blockchain. So, from my mind TraXion is the topmost ICO project within 2018, and I really wanted to auspicious this project.

Why you will keep faith on TraXion??

TraXion Wallet:
Traxion Wallet combines their existing fintech and insurtech apps in one ecosystem. They provide white-labeled wallets to business organizations who want to move financial assets at zero cost through tokenization of their local currencies. It Enables remittances, P2P lending and donations, along with data analytics and a rewards system. We provide white-label wallets to organizations who want to move financial assets at zero cost through tokenization of their local currencies.

TraXion Chain:
Traxion Chain creates inter-business blockchain solutions for closed network. They deliver customized business solutions to conglomerates requiring interoperability, data integrity, and asset tracking within the supply chain. Creates customized business solutions on the blockchain for conglomerates requiring interoperability, data integrity and asset tracking within their supply chain.

TraXion Contract:
TraxionContract Applies Smart Contracts on workflows for good governance. We can significantly increase the integrity of information, improve performance management, and reduce wastage and corruption. It applies smart contracts to guarantee complete transparency and integrity of information, improved performance management and reduced wastage and corruption.

TraXion Team:
The Traxion team have an average combined experience of 20+ years in various industries from business development and entrepreneurship, to cyber security, financial technology, and blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies, payments, AI, cyber-security, internet marketing and economics, politics and PR.

Relevant product:
Established a firm footing with GavaGives and TraXionPay.com with over 20 thousand members combined, and with a white label version of the TraXionWallet already in use by our customers.
Cryptocurrency Trading System:
The same TraXion wallet will host crypto-trading to enable users to trade their own TraXion (TXN) tokens with other cryptocurrencies. This solution will benefit users by allowing for the user to have a seamless trading system in place right in their dashboard without the need for having to use an external exchange.

Public API:
TraXion will allow merchants who are not necessarily part of TraXion’s platform to access its public API and enable them to participate in the TraXion ecosystem and receive payments, remittance, or donations using the TraXion wallet and tokens. These companies can maintain their own apps and integrate with our system through the API to receive payments, remittance or donations.

Healthcare and Other Services:
Parachure, Azurrance and BayaniHealth in the short term benefits users for hitting financial goals and offers them healthcare benefits along with insurance for auto, fire, property and travel. These three unique solutions will be highly beneficial for users of TraXion’s platform. Now that we’ve explored some of the already in place, short-term benefits of TraXion, let’s dive into some of the long-term benefits of TraXion’s platform as it will develop.

Has current contracts and partners:
TraXion will be among the first distributed platforms on Hyperledger Fabric technology, and has established working ties with several financial technology services for an all-in-one financial solution.

TraXion partners:

Token sale information:
Total Token: 500000000 TXN
For sale: 250000000 TXN
Strat of presale: 1st May 2018 to 31st May 2018
Strat of crowd sale: 15th June 2018 to 31st June 2018
Hard cap: 100000 ETH
Exchange: 1TXN = 0.001ETH (As of April 1, 2018)
Token Distribution:
Team: 20%
Reserve: 20%
Community: 5%
Bounty: 3%
Presale: 8%
Crowd sale: 40%
CSR: 2%
Seed: 2%


Formation of Blockchain Dev Hub Completed:
TraXionHub.com is Manila’s hub for the development of blockchain solutions using hyperledger fabric technology that will also provide additional revenue stream for servicing other financial institutions moving to blockchain
Launch of Payment Platform Completed:
TraXionPay.com supports payment integration for merchants’ use. Kickstarted partnerships with various payment gateways and marketplace networks.

Launch of Fundraising Platform Completed:
Gavagives.com is an end-to-end fundraising platform that empowers non-profit organization improve and manage their donors and donations seamlessly. Offers more than 20 payment options and user-friendly management dashboard with analytics.

Token Sale -May 2018
TraXion Wallet Capability Q2 2018:
Supports fund transfers using disbursement gateway and peer-to-peer transfers to prepare for full remittance solution. This will hold all 3 functions: payments, remittance, and donations.

SMARTER Fundraising Q3 2018:
Enhancement of existing fundraising platform to apply smart contracts that will measure performance of nonprofit organizations through its giving score and blockchain analytics.

Crypto Trading on Wallet End of 2018:
Aside from payment, remittance, and donation capabilit ies,TraXion wallet will launch cryptotrading facility supporting major cryptocurrencies like ER20, Ripple, NEM, etc.
Whitelabel Remittance Portal Early 2019:
To scale the business, a whitelabel solution for remittance business will be offered to existing agencies and brokers. Using Hyperledger technology, transactions will be faster, cheaper and more secured.

Peer-to-peer Lending Late 2019:
Wallet users will be able to lend to other users using TraXion KYC, Credit Score and Microfinance Solution.

Summary of the project:
TraXion project wants to fill the gap between existing financial systems and emerging technology which are not user-friendly as it could be. In order to do this, the project is representing a simple and secure platform to utilthe ize banking system and doing payments which will reduce the cost of overall financial inclusion barriers. The company is going to launch the ICO to raise funds which they will use for further development of the platform as well as for scaling its business and add benefits in the projects so that participants get an reap utmost value of the system. Moreover, the profit portion will also provide to selected charities in the blockchain which are performing well through donor votes and scoring.

The suggestion of ICO investors:
If you are looking for best ICO to invest then TXN ICO is a good option where you can invest to reap positive result in the future. However, checking ICO stats and ICO ratings is one of the efficient ways to verify the position of any ICO in the market.

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