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The digital gold rush consolidated the crypto currency exchange platform in a short time, where investors from around the world try to use cryptothermins such as Bitcoin , Ethereum and tokens offered by innovative projects through ICOs .

Buying and trading in crypto-secretions can be extremely profitable, and there are currently various types of crypto currency exchange platforms that offer different characteristics, but which mainly work in major world markets, leaving aside access to emerging markets, crypto converters, blockchain technologies and decentralization .

Ruby Exchange is one of the most advanced and robust cryptocurrency trading platforms designed in a very user-friendly manner to enable people from all regions and backgrounds get a stronghold of the ideas revolving around the Blockchain and the cryptocurrency space.

Ruby is a new, exchange platform that performs the function of cryptocurrency exchange, combining the most advanced technological developments and the popular blockchain system that has proven itself as providing complete reliability and security. Cryptocurrency has literally revolutionized the international market as soon as it entered it, immediately attracting a lot of people, most of whom wanted to experience its advantages in practice. That is why projects based on cryptocurrency are now one of the most popular and have huge development prospects, as well as investments in the digital currency.
In general, Ruby Exchange offers users convenient trading opportunities on the exchange, as well as exchanging cryptocurrency and a unique freelance platform, where employers can search for potential performers and hire them by paying for the work with such popular cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and own Oodlebit Exchange system tokens. Centralized networks have long been a thing of the past due to the fact that they are not very convenient to use, do not provide constant access to information from different devices, and absolutely do not guarantee the safety, the systematization of information and its security.

Our platform is highly scalable, ready to accept new features to improve our users trading experience.

Our token is initially based on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to launch our own chain in the near future which will then be very useful to many cases such as the most common social, utility, administration, and governance problems in developing countries.

Our platform is bringing competitive flat trading fees which will even be cheaper and more convenient by using our tokens.

We have made an extensive benchmarking with the current platforms, which allowed us to take few steps ahead, plus our security team comes from top organisations.

As strong believers in peer to peer payment ecosystems, we believe that traditional financial systems will eventually be replaced partly due to continuous broken trust, censorship and a growing enlightenment of the populace.

Our multi-signature wallet and cold storage strategy will minimize the exposure of our trader’s funds. We have combined various strategies to secure the funds traded on our platform.

Cryptocurrency is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to make payments at the moment, as well as a profitable way of investing. Together with the blockchain technology, it has huge capabilities, which Ruby Exchange system demonstrates – instant, safe transactions at any time and in any place.

Ruby-x is a new concept of cryptocurrency exchange that provides an integrated trading service based on blockchain technology. Ruby-x will issue its own token, Ruby (RBY), which will be used as the main currency on its platform. The goal of Ruby-x is to construct an ecosystem with transparent management, secured services, and an expansible platform.

According to Ruby Exchange’s 5-year-roadmap, Ruby-x is planning to support funds, technology, and information trading services, not to mention the cryptocurrency. For further details, check out the official Ruby website (

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