ionomy Ecosystem White Paper

The ionomy ecosystem is currently made up of eight types of proposed ionomy asset ranked from high to low order:

Master ION Node
Smart ION Node
Atom Owners
Deflationary Dark Matter
Premium Games Token

This IIP changes the secondary ION network as follows:

Improve ION network functionality with addition of new Gamernodes being used to process large number of premium game token assets.

The IIP introduces the system requirements and processing imposed on ION Smart Nodes in support of the secondary ION network of the ION blockchain with the current proposed ionomy ecosystem assets.

The IIP will require the implementation with usage of "Smart Contracts" being processed on the ION blockchain. The limit on the number of premium game token assets being implemented on the ION blockchain should be determined by number of active ION Nodes in ION Core network.

The addition of the "Smart Contracts" functionality will increase the value of ION. Having a variety of value assets are extremely useful in any mature ionomy ecosystem.

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