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ETERBASE is the first European currency, crypto currency, compatible with law, which offers fast and secure trading on a clean and robust user interface.

So, what are the advantages and differences of this exchange from similar masses. Exchange plans to issue a debit card and open a bank account, which will enable it to become a fully regulated financial institution. If the developer succeeds, we will get a tool that has no analogs, to trade and output to Fiat. I do not know how you are, but it would be convenient and of course practical for me to trade, display and have a card compatible with European banks, all on the same platform. A very long time requires sending money from one exchange to another, wallet and storage also create perpetual headaches, and do not forget that everything is charged for everything. Therefore, exchanges, platforms, tools, and wallets in one person, will be in demand by people who can calculate and understand the benefits.

ETERBASE describes itself as “the first regulation-compliant European crypto exchange,” offering clients the opportunity to trade on a platform that boasts low latency, high levels of transparency and zero fees.

Explaining via an official release on their website, ETERBASE points out that “as well as being a terrific opportunity for pre-listing on Europe’s premier digital asset exchange, acceptance will see chosen projects granted the status of ‘premium member’ on the platform.”

This premium status will allow clients to enjoy such benefits as 24/7 customer support, zero-fee trading, multiple portfolio management, POS management and rewards, and 75 percent off withdrawal fees.

Another attractive benefit of this European crypto exchange will be the ability to perform up to 5,000 trade requests per minute.
Strictly limited to 30 projects

If an application is successful, the project will take part in a token swap, whereby they trade 200 ETH, and 100 ETH worth of their own token in exchange for 300 ETH worth of XBASE tokens.

Ahead of their token sale launch, which is penciled in for August, Crypto Disrupt got the chance to speak to co-founder Robert Auxt, during which he explained that one of the reasons he got involved in cryptocurrency at all was due to the security controls they can offer that most financial institutions simply cannot.
Auxt also claimed that there would be negative trading fees for market makers, as ETERBASE appreciates how important they are to the liquidity of the market.

Initial impressions are that this European crypto exchange is looking to rival some of the top platforms already operating in the European market and that the added benefits of regulation-compliance could be the factor that separates them from the crowd.

The pre-listing process is the first step for the company, and although the conditions for becoming part of this process are quite stringent, any company that feels they would be eligible should apply sooner rather than later, as ETERBASE have indicated that once the 30 slots are taken the application process will be shut down.

Earlier this month European crypto exchange ETERBASE announced that they would be opening the doors to the application process for pre-listing.

Available to only the first thirty projects which pass the application process, this is an opportunity for pre-listing with one of the most talked about exchanges on the European market today.

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