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My dear reader. So the weekend is approaching , which means that for you I have prepared promising reviews.For the past five decades, SYSTRAN has been a market leader in language translation products and solutions covering all types of platforms, from desktop computers, web services to enterprise servers. In addition, SYSTRAN has achieved remarkable results in the field of artificial intelligence technology based on deep learning and machine learning.

OpenNMT is an open source project for the development of language intelligence, which the Harvard University group on natural language processing (NLP) and SYSTRAN launched in 2016. OpenNMT made important technological achievements and active contributions of users and research on the part of large numbers of developers and experts around the world and ranks 26th out of 8 800 projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

It is estimated that by 2023, the market for language services and the market size AI is estimated at $ 100 billion. The industry of artificial intelligence-based speech translation and processing technology has high growth potential, and the market is also expanding rapidly. On the other hand, there are various problems that need to be addressed, such as copyright management and IP ownership, fair distribution of profits and technological monopolies.

To solve the problems raised SYSTRAN initiates platform is an Open Source (LIOS) with the linguistic intelligence, the combination OpenNMT and blockchain technology. The LIOS platform consists of a multi-block database, SaaS and OpenNMT, and offers digital content trading, application development and advanced language technologies based on artificial intelligence. These elements combine to form a Hyper-connected network that creates synergy.

The LIOS platform is focused on Hyper Translation and Hyper-Connected Network Ecosystem, which mainly use language technologies based on block and artificial intelligence. By offering a virtuous cycle that separates related technologies, a fast and inexpensive set of products and services, and fair profit distribution in a transparent manner, the LIOS ecosystem will have sustainability and high scalability.

The LIOS project is a new paradigm of Hyper-connected networks that are developed by participants. To implement the project, we proceed to the token generation (TGE) event.



The transaction model on the LIOS platform is different. Will be the transaction data for transfer arrangements and transfer, transactions, applications that follow the corrections of the translations and transactions services that these two models are combined in various ways. The pricing function based on the blocking function of the distribution of values in the platform LIOS Platform to implement the actual model.

Hyper-Translation is not only guaranteed copyright, the creation and distribution of content in the database of the blockchain, but also includes the reproduction of the value and process of exchange in the market subsystem, which is built into the ecosystem. It can be classified mostly as "the creation and delivery of copyright materials protected by copyright / distribution of copyrighted content or acquiring copyrighted content, development and registration / purchase applications / development and check-in services / use of services / payment platforms ,

Each type exchanges actual values with overlays and repeats, and it is a Hiper translator that is designed as a translation process for all processes between people, people in the system, or systems in the LIO system (LIO) acting as the default environment in the Hyper-Translation Process.


Chairman Lucas Ji

CEO of Denis Gachot

Jean Senellart

Global R & D Lead

John Paul Barraza

Global Business Operating Lead

Dongpil Kim strategic planning guide

Ken Bian

Global Sales & Marketing Lead

Jin Yan

Linguistic engineering Director

Ahmad Chaudhry software support engineer

Peter Zoldan

Linguistic resource Manager

Douglas Jordan

Senior software engineer

Satoshi Enou

Senior technical Manager, customer service

Homin Kwon.

Chief research engineer ASR

Jung Kim

Senior engineer at NMT

Director of development of NLP, Dr. youngdae Oh

ASR Sahngwoon Lee development Director

Minho Kang

Principal ASR Software Developer

Sunhyung Lee

Chief engineer-linguist

Analyst Changhyun Kim


Business development Manager Sangjun Mun

Jongkeun Choi

Global strategic planning Manager

Engineer-Director of Hungseok Chae


The chief designer of the Blockchain in Hongtae

Chief programmer of Junyoung Park

Blockchain Engineer

Kijung Lee

Senior software developer Blockchain

Younghwan Kim

Senior software developer Blockchain

Milestones 1 Q3 2018

Platform LIOS TGE platform


LIOS blockchain market Replenishment PoC 2 Q4 2018

LIOS htApp (standard model) starts

construction of hardware infrastructure infrastructure LIOS 3 2019

A contest of ideas and a hackathon on LIOS htAPP

LIOS htAPP project Selection

LIOS 4 Q2 2020 subproject

LIOS platform platform opened integration with models


OpenNMT in LIOS 5 Q3 2020

The completion of the hardware infrastructure

LIOS. Site creation

LIOS. The emergence of the LIOS.

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