Good day guys. My first story about IMMlA was basically the overview, more like a summary. Now i’m going to analyze what IMMLA is actually offering incase you’re underestimating this project. This will make you see why you can trust IMMLA.

As discussed earlier, IMMLA is the first multimodal logistics service with a decentralised system of transportation, document workflow and payments. That is, it’s a logistic service that is decentralized (giving you the power to be involved as an individual) under the Ethereum platform that enables you monitor your cargo from the point you bought it till it gets to it’s final destination for consumption. The real vision of immla is to remove the trust problems and various other costs in the cargo and logistics sector. The block aims to move the transportation sector to a different dimension by supporting chain technology and intelligent contracts. IMMLA’s abbreviation is “international multimodal logistics application”.

Now here are the main points i’m trying to point out. These points shows how immla comes in as a decentralized logistic service to solve problems.

Problem of trust solution
Cargo transportation is monitored until the successful closing of the deal. All actions are recorded in the blockchain, which omits trust issues between parties; Smart contract, which will be approved at the beginning of shipment, will automatically execute mutual settlement according to data stored in blockchain. Moreover, IMMLA has commercial interest in the successful completion of cargo transportation for all parties. (Unlike the current web portals, where the main revenue is generated from subscriber payment/ connection fees, and the service is not responsible for the successful outcome).

Risk of hidden damage
Online GPS/AIS/Satellite tracking of cargo location, and the status of its damage with the use of blockchain technology; On the early stages IMMLA will integrate with existing tracking providers over their protocols (https, mqtt and other). Data will be aggregated, unified and shown to end user.

Risk of insolvency of cargo owner solution
Authorization of verified suppliers and solvent cargo owners increases overall degree of responsibility; IMMLA will issue personal licenses for suppliers through the modern DLT technology. Other entities are able to get and verify this data.

Currency and tax risk solution
All payments through IMMLA service will be performed in a single currency — IMMLA token. Underinsurance & risk of undercompensating solution. Automatic cargo insurance covers not only the risk that evolves through possible opportunistic behavior of counterparties, but also the damage risk caused by compelling force;

Problem of information barriers, idle runs and high price solution
Common infospace indicates idle equipment and enable to implement data mining. That leads to significant delay rate decrease and overall higher efficiency. In particular, forecasts help to lower ports load, lengthening planning horizon and dodging bottlenecks;

Dutch auction
eans cheaper transportation — the principles of cost reduction due to competition using. The customer herself chooses an option of delivery that fits her in terms of price, terms and additional services. Relatively low fee for services (1%(by default) vs. 8–15% for conventional forwarders and 10–25% for brokers) distinguishes IMMLA from sector competitors;


  1. The future is blockchain, with the introduction of blockchain , it’d boost the scalability of Ethereum based transactions and ensure speed in processing information.
  2. It would be adopted by the already existing transportion companies who already make billions of dollars annually, thereby increasing the value of IMMLA tokens.
  3. It would ensure better services are offered to a freight owner at a lower cost.
  4. The possibility of a hack that could cause great loss can not be perpetrated by hackers.

IMMLA workflow management aims to provide a small, large, full-time job-taking platform in the transportation sector that integrates with real-time, secure, inexpensive payment systems.
1-Customer selects and approves the shipping contract 
2-Immla launches a smart contract with all shipping companies and insurance companies. 
3-Imma token (IML) is transferred to intelligent contracts that govern the overland operation. 
4-Intelligent contract instructs all shipping companies and maintain shipping control

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