This is one of those projects i refer to as “on-point” because they tend to attend to some major business needs which we stress ourselves about. I want to discuss Immla , a decentralized entity in transport; workflow, document management and wages.

What is IMMLA?
IMMLA is the first multimodal logistics service with a decentralised system of transportation, document workflow and payments. That is, it’s a logistic service that is decentralized (giving you the power to be involved as an individual) under the Ethereum platform that enables you monitor your cargo from the point you bought it till it gets to it’s final destination for consumption. The real vision of immla is to remove the trust problems and various other costs in the cargo and logistics sector. The block aims to move the transportation sector to a different dimension by supporting chain technology and intelligent contracts. IMMLA’s abbreviation is “international multimodal logistics application”. IMMLA aim to make the delivery of cargo faster and cheaper. On average it takes about a month to get the delivery of your cargo which make the process slow and if you want to take delivery before a month then you have to pay extra premium. Moreover you need to fulfil the legal requirement which makes the process more complex and extra cost. IMMLA is the remedy for these problems, IMMLA will make the process more cheaper and more faster and you don’t have to pay extra fee to get your cargo early. The IMMLA project connects you with cargo and cargo vehicles and offers an intricate structure.

IMMLA has promising features which will convince you to invest in IMMLA.

  1. IMMLA will monitor the cargo until the successful delivery of the cargo. All actions will be saved in the secure blockchain which eliminates the trust issue and the Smart contract approved at the beginning of the shipment between the both parties will bind them to settle their part of deal.
  2. End user will have the all knowledge of cargo location through the GPS (Global Positioning System) and status of damage through Blockchain technology.
  3. Personal licenses will be issued for the solvent suppliers with which anyone can verify the solvency of the supplier.
  4. With the usage of IMMLA token there will be no need to enter in the currency futures or currency options. All transaction will be satisfied in the IMMLA token.
  5. If any damages happens to the cargo then you will be compensated by the total amount there will be no underinsurance of the cargo.

Advantages of IMMLA to cargo owners and Transportation companies
By joining IMMLA the cargo owners and the transportation companies can make their operations more faster, cheaper and efficient which will help them to grow their business due to customer satisfaction.
IMMLA will make the transfer of payments more faster and cheaper due the usage of IMMLA token.
Tracking of cargo through the satellite and in case of any damage there will be the full insurance of cargo.
Online website will always available anytime and it is easy to keep all the request in one place.
Joining IMMLA will reduce the labour cost for the transportation companies.
A lot pf legal work need to be done for the cargo, joining IMMLA will reduce this mess and companies and cargo owners can concentrate on their core work.

IMMLA will offer a token 184 336 400 IMMLA on two levels: pre-ICO and ICO. 
tokens: 100% of IML tokens represent 100% ownership ofIMMLA
platform. Token will be used on the Platform as one of the means of payment. Total number
Announced IML token — 226.736.000. 
IMMLA redeems and burns tokens at a cost of 36% of transport revenue.

Pre-ICO Offer Size
ETH 2747 (~ $ 0.5MM) 
14.2844 million tokens IMMLA (6.3%) to be sold at a price pre-ICO
Price Mechanism
The pre-ICO level is 1 ETH = 5200 IML 
The ICO level is 1 ETH = 3640 IML

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Whitepaper: /IMMLA_WP.pdf
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