The KNOX Project will be the first insurance business enterprise to combine the real world with the digital world using Blockchain technology, and will create the most efficient and state-of-the-art shape in the sector, to locate options to certification and anti-counterfeit insurance policies.

Insurance policy.

Thanks to the platform developed by using Knox's insurance, the coverage will evolve into a entirely automated and eliminate the opportunity of hostilities of activity between the parties involved.

Insurance businesses will be hooked up in Lisbon, Dubai, and the Bermuda Islands, to enable Knox insurance to operate in a variety of legal guidelines and allow token economies on a global scale.

Smart Contract.

Avoid spreading fake insurance plan insurance policies due to the fact it is the same machine that removes them after receiving payment. With clever contracts, the organization is not delayed in amassing credits because the coverage is only issued after price is received. This element is meant to significantly enhance the administration of the organisation itself.

The smart contract in the case of an accident is a real judge who decides to pay or no extra company, which can have opportunistic behavior, but the chain block system, absolutely fed up in the human mind, will figure out whether or not the accident meets the terms of the policy. This gain will be the most vital due to the fact it will increase the company's transparency to customers.

The first challenge in the real world and the digital world!

The KNOX Project will be the first insurance plan employer to mix the actual world with digital technological know-how with Blockchain, developing the most efficient and advanced structure in the industry, to discover options to certification and counterfeiting insurance policies.

Smart contracts avoid spreading fake insurance insurance policies due to the fact it is the identical system that troubles them upon receipt of payment. With clever contracts, the enterprise is no longer delayed in accumulating credits due to the fact the policy is solely issued after payment is received. This thing is meant to drastically improve the management of the company itself.

Five exact motives why you must think about investing in InsCoin :

  1. Customized.

Blockchain matches perfectly with the world of insurance.

Block Chain in public implementation solves the underlying hassle of developing less believe and permission-less networks, in which the members of the transaction can be considered legitimate, and consequently manageable related certification, with permission mechanisms generated by way of incentive structures and bad incentives between the events involved.

Uncertified file certification is one of the most vital functions of Blockchain Technology, as licensed documents in Blockchain NEVER be falsified.

Smart contracts avoid spreading pretend insurance plan insurance policies due to the fact it is the equal device that troubles them upon receipt of payment. With smart contracts, the organization is no longer delayed in collecting credit because the coverage is only issued after charge is received. This issue is supposed to extensively enhance the administration of the employer itself.

With a smart contract for accidents, the proper judge who decides whether or not or not to pay is no longer a company that can have opportunistic behavior, but the blockchain system will figure out whether or not the accident meets the terms of the policy.

This benefit will be the most necessary due to the fact it will increase the company's transparency to customers.

  1. A smarter way to alternate the insurance plan sector.

Many crypto-projects have been attempting to disrupt the insurance industry, from a decentralized standpoint that will now not be able to operate in the real world besides being established on real companies.

In inscoin for knox we want to do something different, we are large fans of decentralized platforms, in truth we will count number on Ethereum network for the deployment of our smart contract however at the back of our symbolic insocsa will be formed from 1 to 3 agencies based totally on the range of ETH accrued , bear in mind that agencies in the actual world need a protection fund of countless million dollars to be legally regulated, with workplaces in the Bermuda Islands, Dubai and Portugal.

We have studied this segment in element thanks to our previous experience in the insurance enterprise and we have developed a certified enterprise plan, which you can learn at the following links.

  1. The Defletion property sketch killer token inscoin.

Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 19.16.12.png

  1. Roadmap ambitions and have applied relevant investments.

Screenshot 2018-06-22 di 18.29.28.png

  1. Team.

An explosive mixture of ambitions of young human beings and specialists in their fields.

The InsCoin team is presently very young, bold and open to investors and users, in addition to greater than 10 builders below 30, there are insurance specialists who have established and led insurance agencies such as our CEO Agostino Luongo, (Hill Ltd) and our partners.

They are no longer afraid to exhibit their faces and names on social media, it is very effortless to discover facts about every crew member.

For extra details, you can see via the Link below :

You can also see the 2d video below to see the workings of the undertaking from InsCoin :

Sales Token.

Ticker : INSC.
Type : ERC20.
Supply : 500'000'000 INSC.
Price : 1 ETH = 5'000 INSC.

Allocation Token :
Token income = 54%.
WholeSaler Broker = 15%.
Team and Advisors = 10%.
Network Partnership Brokers = 10%.
Reserves for 3 companies = 9%.
Airdrop and Bounty Program = 2%.
Fund Usage :
Setting Insurance Company = 60%.
Platform Development = 20%.
Marketing = 10%.
Reserve fund = 10%.

Payment in Ethereum will be accepted.

Price = 1 ETH = 5,000 Token.

Deadline and Bonus :

Week 1 = + 30% of INSC.
Wekk 2 = + 25% from INSC.

Bonus on tokens purchased.

Range and Bonus :

Minimum 50 ETH = + 15% from INSC.
Minimum 30 ETH = + 10% of INSC.

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InsCoin is an formidable mission that needs to revolutionize the insurance sector! Indeed, from the validated information of the enterprise and in conjunction with the implementation of the Chain Block, through the InsCoin contract the clever will To Knox Project succeeds in the intent :
Trust and maximum transparency in the relationship between the business enterprise and the insured.
Combating Fraud policy.
To get all the cutting-edge improvement information from this InsCoin Project, you can see directly via the Link beneath :