Integrative Wallet is a project to integrate cryptocurrecry globally, adding common knowledge to cryptocurrency and easy to access everyone. Integrative Wallet has 3 products:
Integrative Wallet, which can hold a variety of tokens on the market.
Integrative ATM, this project is to deploy an ATM cryptocurrency worldwide.
Integrative Card, is a physical card connected to your wallet, and can be used like a credit card.

The integrative wallet, will be intended to hold all the available cryptocurrencies/tokens that are on the market, the user will be able to directly import private keys of their addresses, or to create new addresses directly from the wallet. Regarding security of the wallet, wallets will be json files, containing private keys completely encrypted, so when our server is reached by a wallet, it will appear as a Base64 string, meaning we will not be able to view your balance, addresses or make any transactions. This also means that any attack that we would receive on our server would be worthless since the attacker would see random Base64 string which could not be decrypted, storing all private keys safe. The wallet, will be accessed with an account previously created by the user, this account will be then the one that holds each of its own private keys for each of the different coins/tokens it may possess. The UI of the wallet will be configurable to show the desired coins/tokens to show, additional features like coin/token to USD or BTC price will be available, this data will be obtained from coinmarketcap. After the first public release of the Wallet, a mobile wallet will be developed, which will have the same features as the desktop one. At a further stage of the development of our project, when our debit card has been launched, we will add configurable options to the wallet related to the card, if the users wants to activate it. This options will be configuring a maximum amount that can be spent using the card, which coin/token to be exchanged to USD or your local currency,when the card is used.The automatic exchange will be held by us, where we will receive the coins/tokens used, and transform them to USD which is sent to the shop, this coins/tokens are later sold on the market to cover for the USD send.

As discussed earlier, integrative wallet proposal is the creation of an ecosystem which will consist of 3 products, our integrative wallet, a multiwallet, which feature will be to hold all the cryptocurrencies that are in circulation, being able to send and receive coins/tokens from the wallet to another user. The other product will be the Integrative ATMs, we want to deploy ATMs all around the world, in capital cities first, and later in different strategic cities, allowing everybody to access them, this ATMs are intended to be beneficial for the user, specially for less developed countries like the Southern Americans, where buying and selling of cryptocurrencies is hard for the user, allowing everybody an easy option to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Our last product will be our own debit card, the integrative card, which will be connected to each users wallet, easy to configure from the wallet software, allowing an user to spend the desired cryptocurrency when making a payment with it. We believe this products would allow us to integrate cryptocurrencies to the everyday life of the user, making it easy for one to buy a desired coin/token, spend their cryptocurrencies as they want to, or even control your holdings from your phone.
Their way of achieving this goal is with their competent team of programmers, engineers, designers, and marketers, this idea they got from a Crypto group in Spain, and they decided to make it.

With the 40% Token sold from their ICO, they will be able to spark this out. The token has an important role in the project, the token holder will get paid from a profit generated from their product. Funders will get a Token from their contribution. This token is called “ Integrative Wallet Token (IWT) “, the IWT itself is a token with the ERC-20 system located on Ethereum Blockchain, this Token has limits which means there will be no additional tokens.

ICO will start on August 31st at 13:00 UTC time until September 28th at 13:00 UTC time. For more details you can read it in their whitepaper: IWT-Whitepaper.
There will be 45,000,000 Tokens to be sold or about 63,500 ETH. ICO will be open for 4 weeks, and every week the tokens can be reduced. So you better buy it in the first week to get more tokens.

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