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Cryptocurrency has emerged as the true saviour for the users of the digital world and has provided us with a new hope of trust and transparency. The market capitalization and the number of users across the world is a clear indication of the popularity of Bitcoin in such a short span of time. A few years back nobody cared about cryptocurrencies but the situation has totally changed today. People, governments and business have become interested in the cryptocurrency and the technology behind it. Many cryptocurrencies have been launched in the market but i will be introducing you to a visionary projects that come to life in the form of ICO's and today i am going to present you with one of the most promising ones on the market which is the eCOINOMIC platform. A strategically planned project that focuses on providing and developing financial services, using Blockchain technology as the basis for its development.eCoComic provides a financial service that users can easily, safely and smarter. eCoinomic provides a better and smarter access to financial services for Crypto Holders

WHAT IS eCOINOMIC.NET? is a digital platform that enables, ensures financial aids to crypto

holders and financial institution through its blockchain technology. A game changer which has come to eliminate the gap unlying the lender and borrower�. This is however done in the following ways:

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  • Creating a mutual trust between the Lenders and the followers.

*Backing fiat loans by cryptocurrencies as collaterals

  • Management and controlling of virtual and digital assets.

*Global Exchange platform

  • Middleman between individual and financial institution (Borrower and lender) PLATFORM AND KEY PLAYERS

There are two key payers in the economy of namely:

  • Lenders: These are major financial institutions, big hubs across the globes and families who provides some of their assets/funds and loans in fiat currencies.

  • Borrowers: These borrowers are small scaled business enterprises or individuals who intend to receive loans(fiat currencies) using their crypto assets. However, users need to be holders of CNC tokens to use the platform, must be a registered member who must have gone through a mandatory KYC(know your client) process.

alt text is indeed a game changer that has come to revolutionize the financial ecosystem through the blockchain technology.

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Competitive Advantages Of eCoinomic Platform

  1. Multicurrency The eCoinomic platform will accept as collateral:BTC, ETH, LCH, BCH + TOP10 cryptocurrencies. Loans will be issued in: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, CNY.
  2. Fiat money transaction speed With the help of the built-in payment agent,the crediting time for fiat funds will only take several minutes.
  3. Price monitoring system The system checks collateral value every minute based on the data from several crypto exchanges.
  4. Security and transparency Smart contracts regulate the procedures of blocking, returning or liquidating collateral assets.
  5. Insurance reserve fund It is designed to enhance the attractiveness of the project for large and small investors.
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