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Lancer Network is a decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of crowdsale and blockchain projects. Here people are interested in getting the crypto currency and entrepreneurs who are willing to pay for SMM and marketing services.
Our platform can be compared to the online labor market in the area of blockchain where users do not need special or high qualifications to earn an online income. Lancer Network provides SMM,and advertising services. However, unlike conventionally automated services, work is done by living people, not bots. Therefore, the Lancer network tends to worker and employment, and not entirely not only to people who are willing to give work but also to workers and the nature of work. With this platform service, the community is growing, user activity is improving, and the trust in the project is increasing. Thus, an active community is the key to a successful project.
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Lancer Network provides benefits both for business projects (Customers) and users (tasks). Customers should pay attention to the following favorable and privileged features of this platform:

  1. Reliability and trust
    Before fulfilling their respective obligations, no party can receive funds. These funds will be temporarily available to the platform. Thus, this service assumes to exclude fraud from the scope of the QMS, online promotion, and digital marketing of business projects, especially those associated with Blockchain ICOs.
  2. Rating system
    Employee and customer status are instantly visible. Every user action is reflected in his judgment. To select the appropriate employees for the project, customers can be guided by ratings, and distribute assignments to the right individuals for maximum results.
  3. Various services are required
    Unlike other platforms, Lancer Network offers maximum opportunities for promotion, including content creation, promotion, support for ICO projects, etc.
  4. Flexible payments
    Customers themselves set the price of each job. He can use any cryptocurrency as per convenience and make payments once the task is approved by them.
    On the other hand,
  5. Simplicity of duty
    The tasks placed on the platform are very simple. They can be executed by any individual who is familiar with basic Internet usage and social media platforms. Tasks that are more complex will require more skill, but will also be very useful.
  6. Payment in cryptocurrency
    Given the growing interest in digital currencies, this platform is a good entry point for obtaining a cryptocurrency token in return for services.
  7. Independent of professional market scenarios in this country
    Lancer Network is an international platform.
    Regardless of the user's local currency rate, players receive money in cryptocurrency. It does not depend on the economy of the country. opportunities for promotion, including content creation, promotion, support for ICO projects, etc.

About token sale and distribution
Tokensale is consisted of two phases: Private Sale and ICO Token acquisition is set up via cryptocurrency ETH LNW will be further listed at the crypto exchanges and will have its market price All unsold tokens will be burned. A total of 250 000 000 Lancer Network tokens will be released.
Token price: $0.01
Token to be issued: 1,500,000
Private sale: 26.05.18
Number of tokens for private sale: 200,000
ICO: 26.07.18
Number of tokens for ICO will be 148,000 000 LNW (* Conditional)
Soft cap $ 800,000.
Hardcap $ 8,000,000
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