The main idea of ​​creating a new project EON is to create a new gaming platform for gamers based on the technology of blockchain. Which significantly reduces the cost of advertising for new talented developers, thanks to this, the work is currently in full swing in creating new and more exciting games on this platform.

The application of blockchain technology into games development and distribution should not be a surprise to anyone who’s been watching closely how blockchain technology is distrupting most indutries known to mankind.

Game industry is one of the fastest growing industry, in 2017, the global game market revenues reaches 116B , which is more than threee times the 38.6B in movie ticket sales. If revenue from console game hardware is addded which is around 10B in 2017 and PC gaming systems and peripherals which is around 23B in total, gaming is already a bigger global business than sports.

For some decades back, before the creation of blockchain technology, game development and distribution has been in the purview of centralized companies who makes abnormal profits from developers who are desperate to promote their games. They spend up to 50% of their revenue to promote their games on those established platforms like Google,Apple, Facebook and Steam.

Though the multibillion dollar industry in one of the few that always embrace new technologies from PC smart phone to Virtual Reality headware, gaming is usually the first application to take off and efectively educate the mas market. The huge successs of Cryptokitties have proved that gaming is the best way to educate the masses about blockchain concepts.

What Is EON?
EON platform is a decentralized digital game distribution platform, where gamers can discover, share and play games, as well as socialize with other gamers. The team already has experience in creating gaming applications on blockchain and plans to launch a platform of which developers can create, distribute and market their own crypto game. This will be a game changer for the whole gaming ecosystem.

Challenges In Centralized Gaming Distribution

There are several problems existing in the current game distribution, below are some of them;
When developers release a game targeting global gamers, they have to integrate the payment method of local markets respectively, although big distribution platforms like (Apple Store) supports multiple currencies. Developers usually have to find local partners or handle the local sales pricing currency exchange by themselves. This greatly increase the cost of developers and gamers from some countries have no chances to play those games.
Besides, most centralized distribution platforms delay payments to developers for as along as 60 days and execute payments on a specific days of a month. This make it difficult for developers to manage their cashflow.

Game Discovery And Promotion
Another issue for developers is increasing marketing and awareness cost. Developers are seeing the cost of new user aquisition increasing from $1 to $12. In order to market their games and allow players to be aware of their games, they have to contributes more than 30% of their revenue to centralized distribution platforms, and spend time and money in finding effective ads network to reach their target users.
Developers have to design games to meet the rules of distribution platforms rather than designing for gamers. Most ads network are not transparent and traceable which makes it difficult for developers to calculate conversion rate and the return on their investment.

EON Solution

By utilizing blockchain technologies especially Ethereum, most problems facing game distribution and development will be tackled. On Ethereum Blockchain, developers and gamers can acccess EON platform globally. Payment will also be done through cryptocurrencies and EON tokens, so developers don't have to worry about integrating local payment options. They will have access to their funds instantly since payment on blockchain is instant.
The platform will also utilize smart contract that run on Ethereum which work according to the way it is programmed without any possibilty of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

Components Of EON Platform
Referral System
This is one of the core development of EON platform. Users of the platform will be able to promote the game they like through a referral smart contract and receive bonuses. The interaction is transparent and viewable by anyone on the blockchain. Developers receive only high-quality traffic, and promoters - receive reward in EON tokens.
Game Discovery System
Game discovery sytem is designed to allow gamers discover, purchase and play games of their interest. This will be a decentralized game marketplace where gamers can discover their choice game, pay with cryptocurrencies and play.
Game Community
This is built for gamers and developers for social interactions. They can submit a review/photo/video for a game and as well as upvotes or downvotes other gamers' activities.
Developer Sytem

Developer system is where developers can submit or update games, view statistics as well as configure referral smart contracts. They can set reward for different actions inside their game and they can also adjusts the reward dynamically based on their neeeds of users aquisition. All these will be recorded on the blockchain.

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