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About P2PEP

Peer 2 Peer Energy Protocol (P2PEP) is an energy trading protocol that makes the process of energy buyers and sellers transact their energy agreements in a secure, transparent and smart ecosystem. The P2PEP energy trading DApp will connect small and big clean energy producers and consumers over the blockchain. Due to its peer 2 peer nature, no middleman can stand in the way and will be unstoppable precisely in the same way you can not stop a torrent network. As such, we aim to help the future expansion of clean renewable energy usage.

P2PEP (Peer to Peer Energy Protocol) aims to offer a trading platform combined with a utility token to buy/sell (trade) this oversupply of solar or other renewable energies, which can be done directly peer to peer, consumer to consumer wise.

In addition, the P2PEP trading platform strives to push for its adoption by green energy companies that want to deal directly with end consumers. Using P2PEP, green energy consumers and producers can bypass the old, outdated polluting energy and trade green energy peer to peer as easily as picking up an Uber ride.


P2PEP (Peer to Peer Energy Protocol) is out to offer an exchanging platform joined with an utility token to buy/sell (exchange) this oversupply of sun powered or other renewable energies, which should be possible straightforwardly peer to peer, buyer to purchaser astute.

P2PEP is a Peer to Peer, b2c (business to customers ) and b2b (business to business) energy protocol, empowering individuals to trade the PEP token brain research for energy sold by partnerships and people on the system.

What's more, the P2PEP exchanging platform endeavors to push for its appropriation by environmentally friendly power energy organizations that need to bargain straightforwardly with end customers. Utilizing P2PEP, efficient power energy purchasers and makers can sidestep the old, obsolete dirtying energy and exchange environmentally friendly power energy peer to peer as effectively as grabbing a uber ride.

Another essential mission of P2PEP is to give back. That is the reason we will take part in ventures went for bringing clean energy arrangements in regions that have poor energy foundation however a lot of chances to deliver clean energy.


Latest Technology

P2EP uses the latest technology to support the comfort and convenience of its users. P2PEP use the platform Ethereum type ERC223. Payment can be done easily to iohnsmith. eth, instead of using the address ERC20 which is complicated as '0x4cbe58c50480...'.

Easy Usage

To use P2PEP all you need is a smartphone and our app. This allows newcomers to quickly find their way buying and selling clean energy. The exchange of energy has never been simpler, allowing the mass market to switch to clean energy, without needing to install complex energy systems.

Future of Clean Energy Trading

We aim to bring convenience, lower costs and innovation to the exchange of energy market. With the P2PEP platform, polluting oil coalitions and monopolists, can be circumvented and as such enabling the move towards clean energy.

P2PEP platform will be the first for future clean energy that will provide comfort and efficient technology. Innovation exchange energy markets would be cheaper and more.

Technology Blockchain P2PEP blockchain Technology Platform which will help in recording transactions safer and transparency. P2PEP combines the protocols Blockchain and REMIT Regulation.


The P2PEP platform is meant to connect businesses with their customers, thus designed to nurture effective inter-business and customer relationships. P2PEP’s nature brings reliability and stability to the market.

Safe Integration

P2PEP uses a standard electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) which is the established standard for energy trading. eCM helps to reduce operational risk, cost and delays when processing confirmations.

P2P meets Blockchain

P2PEP trades are peer-to-peer, combining both REMIT Regulations and blockchain protocol, providing both security and transparency. Transactions are recorded as they happen and are distributed over the network.


P2PEP aims to revolutionize, boost convenience, increase efficiency and lower costs for all parties aspiring to make the transition towards clean energy.

Inefficient Energy Markets

Clean energy producers have a hard time reselling their energy supply easy and for a fair price. Many consumers want clean energy, but don't want the hassle of finding and installing a system.

Too much Power for Polluting Energy Cartels

The current energy industry places a ridiculous amount of levering power in the hands of the old fossil fuel companies and these companies are the very ones hindering the transition towards using clean energy.

Unfair Balances

In too many places people suffer, due to bad energy infrastructure, whilst there are plenty of opportunities to produce clean energy in those areas.

P2P Energy Trading

Through the P2PEP Platform, clean Energy can de directly traded peer to peer and globally as easy as picking up an uber ride.

C2C and B2C

The P2PEP platform can be used in a consumer to consumer or business to consumer manner, to cash in and out on energy oversupply. It also eases Clean Energy Companies to directly connect with their customers, helping them to bypass the limiting, polluting and outdated energy industry.

Complex but Simple

P2PEP is an advanced solution based on the blockchain technology, PEP is a payment token for energy trading over the P2PEP network. Usage is simple as all that is needed is to download our mobile app and start buying or selling clean energy.


Begin using the P2PEP energy trading platform and start buying and selling clean energy in an easy way like never before! It is as simple as ordering an Uber ride or an Airbnb apartment. All you have to do is download its DApp and start trading renewable energy. For large scale renewable energy producers, this is extremely appealing since there are a lot of users on the network that are tired of the environmentally unfriendly energy they are forced to use today and are craving for someone to sell them green energy at a decent price. Companies simply sign up to the platform, set their price and start selling energy to customers. In the future, its will strive to support and work with wireless-energy startups.


The P2PEP trading platform is very easy to use. You can start trading after downloading and installing a simple and convenient application on your phone.

The platform also uses the ECM standard to reduce costs and reduce the number of delays during confirmation

The platform combines P2PEP protocol and remit rules for peer-to-peer trading. Thus, the system registers payments and transfers them over the network.

The new platform development technologies will allow not to insert long addresses and not to study information about block circuits. In addition, it is enough to download a special application on the smartphone to start using the platform.

On the platform, you can control incoming tokens and get rid of those that do not fit.

The platform cultivates the use and sale of clean green energy, which is restored. In addition, the developers are aimed at combating companies that use dirty methods of generating energy.

It is now easier for large corporations and companies to find a consumer, just like for an ordinary person to find a buyer to sell an excess of energy from a solar battery.


PEP CASH is the backbone of the P2PEP ecosystem, it is private blockchain dedicated to facilitate the P2PEP platform and will also serve as a free, fast, and secure when handling other types of electronic cash transactions.

PEP CASH will be built with the people's security in mind. The goal is to provide the enhanced levels of security we have sought after for many years allowing us peace of mind when it comes to the privacy of our assets and our children's futures. PEP CASH will be built with several layers of cryptographically proven privacy features which will allow for enhanced levels of anonymity.

PEP CASH is an advanced solution when it comes to monetary transactions both in crypto currencies and fiat. Introducing quick conversion and 0% fees both when converting from fiat to PEP CASH and from any crypto currency to PEP CASH on our future P2PEP exchange platform. Additionally, there are 096 fees when buying or selling energy with PEP CASH.

Token Details

Marker Name: PEP

Price: 1 PEP = 0.01 USD

Total delivery: 1532,221,000

Type of the token: compatible with ERC20

Token and Funds Distribution

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Phase 1: Concept Phase (Q1 2018) [Completed]

Conception of idea

Analyzing project targets, markets and potential

Legal matter management

Phase 2: Crowdsourcing (Q2 2018)

Token private sale

Token public pre-sale

Partnership programs with Green Energy corporations

Beta testing of the P2P Energy Protocol

Phase 3: Launch and Development (Q3 2018)

Development of the DAPP trading platform

Start with development of PEP CASH

Public Token Sale

Launching of P2PEP Token on New Exchanges

Forming Strategic Partnerships with Renawable Energy Distributors

Phase 4: Pilot testing and PEP CASH Launch (Q4 2018)

Launching of PEP CASH

Pilot testing of the P2PEP and PEP CASH Eco-System

P2PEP and PEP CASH Wallets [web, mobile and desktop]

Technical Testing and Implementing of Platform pilot

First Trading of Energy over the P2PEP Platform

Phase 5: DAPP Release and P2PEP Ecosystem Launch (Q1 2019)

Connecting the DAPP with EDS and PEP CASH into the P2PEP Eco-System

Web APP Release

Mobile APP Release

Desktop APP Release

P2PEP Official Launch

Phase 6: Geo and Volume Expansion (Q2 2019)

Increasing Trading Volume

Expanding Client Base

Expansion in new Liberal Electricity Markets and Countries

Phase 7: Implementing new ways of energy distribution (Q3 & Q4 2019)

New Micro Grid networks

Development of the first commercial Solar Crypto Miner

Testing small range Wireless Electricity distribution

Charitable Renawable Energy Projects in 3rd world countries

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